Friday, June 26, 2009

Here, There, Everywhere

Since I woke up this morning, it has been go-go-go. Now we have stopped, and I want to go, and am annoyed.

Ryan and Molly had their baby this AM - a girl, Tabitha Marie. Nathan, Karen and I took the trip up there to see the baby. It took us a long time to get up there because there was this detour. Then, we took a different way on the way back, but Mom called and said Dad was raking the hay.

So, I called Anne and she agreed to watch Nathan. So, we quickly stopped at home and got Nathan's bag and Mommy's baling clothes. Then, we dropped Nathan off at Grandma's, where the dog bit Karen in the butt/thigh. Gus has issues (nuff said). Anyways, after that we had to go to Cub Foods because Mom was worried she didn't have enough cookies in the house (seriously, what a great worry!).

Then, Karen and I finally get to Mom and Dad's and they are already out in the field baling: Kevin, Mom and Dad. Karen and I go inside and inhale lunch, only to suddenly hear a tractor. Of course, the baler broke down, and this time, it was bad.

Dad is now currently on his way to Hastings, or probably on his way back by now with the new part. I came home to do laundry and clean...although, I am not very far yet....Anyways...all day long it has been rush rush rush and then when things slow down I get annoyed. Ironic.

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