Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Thursday bites the dust

I am sad tonight. I am thinking about how for the first time ever in my life I will not be with my family for July 4th. For some reason, this is sadder to me than the first year I missed Thanksgiving with my family. My mom isn't even making her traditional (absolutely amazing) potato salad. She said there isn't a need to since I am not there to eat it. Sad.

I am also anxious about staying somewhere new with Nathan for two nights. This will be the first trip he has ever been on and place he has slept that is not familiar to him. Odd that he is 20 months and this hasn't happened yet...but its either been home, or one of the Grandmas. I am sure he will be fine once he is sleeping...its the awake time I guess I am more nervous about. At home we can let Nathan run around and play...we know where and what he can do and so does he. But, at someone else's house, with random stuff everywhere, and new things to climb and see and do? I will have to be vigilant...I don't want him getting stitches again anytime soon.

I bought these two old-fashioned scrapbooks so I could put all of our "cards" in them like my mom used to do. I do a separate scrapbook for Nathan of all his best pictures and momentos, but I thought this would be good for his cards. I did like 4 or 5 pages of his cards tonight and I don't like it. I am thinking of taking out the cards, and doing something in a shoebox, and putting partians in and sorting by year. That way, if he ever wants to look at his old cards, he can just pull them out and read them. I am thinking of doing that with Chris and my old cards too...they have some cute boxes at Michael's and JoAnne...I think I may totally switch gears on this one here and see how it goes....

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  1. I missed you girl and the potato salad too! The 4th was fun but not the same. We also were in need of your old fashioned hand crank icecream maker. Most think I'm nuts for saying so, but I believe the hand cranking adds to the flavor of the icecream. Those electric mixers just can't match it! The year you were pregnant with Nathan was the ultimate best! And what did we use? Your hand cranker! QUALITY! Dad traditionally started shooting off the fireworks way too earlier. We had to tell him to cool it. I also saw Santa this year as well. He was water skiing on the lake where Jeremy's aunt lives. He is skinny in July!! GRAPE-NUTS FOREVER!