Thursday, July 23, 2009

Committed to Getting Things Done

Today I really wanted to make sure I got things done. So far I am doing well.

1. Called 3 places about broken PDA
2. Paid bills, sent off check for landscaping
3. Started laundry
4. Did kitty litter and cats
5. Visited Granpa Schwartz and picked dill, beans, and cucumbers
6. Cleaned up kitchen
7. Vacuumed a little downstairs
8. Had 45 minute conference call for work
9. Did a survey for the U.S. Postal service
10. Listened politely to yet another Wells Fargo telemarketer...won't they ever leave me alone?
11. Decided to give up on potty training for now...Nathan is no longer interested.

Whew! And its only 12:13! This afternoon I was hoping to go to Target to return some items, and print off a CD label for my Dad's birthday gift, but that may not happen...

Happy Birthday Dad! 67 Rules!

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