Friday, July 10, 2009

The First Bloggy List

*sigh* So much housework to do today, and no desire to do it.

1. Vacuum up spilled Captain Crunch and raisins
2. Put away dishes and reload dishwasher
3. Fold clothes and put laundry away
4. Put more laundry in wash
5. Pick up toy before I bail again on another car, truck, or other such vehicle that has wheels
6. Take out diapers/trash before I can smell things
7. Clean up kitchen floor better from earlier applesauce spill
8. Go check basement to make sure cats have food, water, and do litter
9. Go spray sandbox for spiders and ants (which Karen said have apparently taken over...yuck!)

Nathan has been napping now for an hour and a half. Therefore, my free time is almost up, and what do I do? Take a bath, think for awhile, blog, check email.

Maybe this blog will actually shame me into going and being productive now. We'll see I guess...

1 comment:

  1. Makes me thankful that I ended up with a husband that basically does all the housework without complaining, of his own volition. I am on the computer and he is doing laundry at the moment. I must have good karma from a past life.