Thursday, July 16, 2009

Landscaping Entrapment And Bums

I didn't realize that today when they put the landscaping in, Nathan and I would be trapped in the house.

But, they need me to stay here so I can approve of the work before they go home tonight...*trapped*. I am really excited for it to be finished...its going to look amazing..maybe not right away as all the plants will be small..but eventually!

So, yesterday afternoon I had a dentist appointment. As I was backing my car out of the parking spot downtown, this man runs towards my car, flailing his arms and yelling...he didn't give me a creep factor, so I rolled down my window, thinking I hit something or dropped something...

Well, he sticks his head inside my car window and babbles quickly that his wife is in labor and his car broke down and he needs some money to get her to the hospital and she's just across the street there at the library and yadda yadda I was freaked out....

I had my wallet open and he was right there and I was nervous so I did what I never do..I threw some money at him....I think it was 5 1$ bills...I told him that's all I had and drove away.

All the way to the dentist I was upset...did his wife really go into labor and his car really broke down, or is he going to buy alcohol and drugs?! I looked for a pregnant woman in distress as i pulled away and i saw none. I think i have been had.

I should just pretend what i did really benefited this man. I picture him and his wife getting in a cab or on the bus, and making it to the hospital, and having the baby an hour later and both them holding their beautiful child and smiling.

I'll never know the truth....

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