Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh the patience of a farmer....

So, I wanted to share about my plants...

These are my hanging plants this year in my front yard. I am so proud of myself - I didn't let them dry out! One of my accomplishments this year has been watering my plants consistently.

The above is one of Nathan's dahlia's I bought at his school fundraiser. It came as a bulb, so it is doing very well!

This is some of the Peonies that were free at the home and garden show! Who would have thought I would have kept them alive all the way until now - turns out they were yellow, white and purple.

These are the plants under my deck, one I just purchased, pre-planted, but the second is a hosta that I rescued from where I originally planted it. I am naive and had no idea hostas were "deer candy"!
This is my perennial garden. I planted Lilacs back there to hopefully grow up and become a nice hedge to block the neighbors, and then this year I planted a bunch of sprawling ground cover perennials. I love the texture of the Lamb's Ears and the White Nettle...

Here's a close-up. The plant in the container is actually a small Maple tree my mom gave me...she is convinced it will grow really fast...but it looks pretty puny to me and I am not sure its going to make it! This is also where I planted that pumpkin plant...but it got cut off in this picture. The Creeping Jane's are nice too...


  1. Better with Creeping Jane than creeping Jayne?

  2. ALF- no doubt! Although, I am super close to my mom now...I just love her! I think it takes moving out to do that. :-)