Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relaxing on a Sunday evening

Today was Chris' actual birthday, even though we had the party two weeks ago. It was a relaxing day with dinner over at his parents.

This morning, Nathan and I took Daddy out to breakfast at Denny's. Nathan's been going through a "I don't want to eat anything really except if its a cookie or cracker I will" phase. We weren't sure if he was going to eat, but I guess when you offer him french toast sticks with powdered sugar and syrup, he'll eat that. He also ate two sausages.

I have been thinking about this quote/line I heard from a *scary* show on PBS called something like "its a big big world". Its got these creepy jungle animals that indoctrinate children on the environment. Everytime it comes on its about "mother earth" or "saving a tree" or something bogus like global warming....usually I shut it off right away because Nathan doesn't like it anyways, but they were singing a song on there and one of the lines was:

"Nothing that I don't have is as good as what I've got."

It definately made me feel better, especially lately when I get the "I need more" blues. The song in my head goes something like this:

-Nathan's room is already not big enough (how is a bed going to ever fit in those small rooms?)
-The eating area is too crowded (not enough room for a table) with 6 chairs
-I have no space to entertain a large group at dinner (why didn't I put in a dining room?)
-The garage has no room for anything (why is all our space filled with unorganized clutter?)
-Where am I going to put all of the kids toys (I don't have a toy room or a basement basement)?
-Why are outside sheds so expensive?
-I need a new couch and sofa for the family room
-We are going to need a bigger car someday, where is that going to go (we can barely fit our cars now...)
-Why do the neighbors houses have to be so close to ours (why can't I have 5 acres?)

But, then I realize, "Nothing that I don't have is as good as what I've got"...and immediately feel better...

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