Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night Blues and two million dollars

Even when its a great weekend, I usually get the Sunday night blues...once dinner is finished, the week starts over again. *sigh*. I would like to say I am not "one of those people" that lives from weekend to weekend, but I really enjoy being home all together as a family during the day, and that only happens on weekends!

I heard that people can't seem to figure out our airport...there are two terminals, and people get "confused" so they are going to rename them Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Now, is it just me, or if people can't already figure out there are two terminals, how will labeling them be any help? I guess I wouldn't mind it if only cost like $100 to fix...but $2M? Surely that money could go to something educating our children so that they don't turn out to be idiots that can't read signs!

Here are some pictures of our landscaping:

This is a picture of our house before the landscaping.

Here's the after! There is my lilac tree...isn't he cute? I wasn't sure if I would like that little tree there at all but I love him now! I think I need to name him. Something very corny...Lester the Lilic? Yes...yes Lester it is. I hope Lester makes it. Trees don't seem to do very well for us!

Here is a close-up of the is mostly perennials here...Pot of Gold Rudbeikia, Echinicea, Shasta Daisy's, some junipers, and some ornamental grasses...

Here is a picture from far looks pretty different to me! I can hardly believe it wasn't there all along.
So, Monday is coming...another day, another dollar. I am looking forward to a good week!

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