Monday, July 13, 2009

The Tantrum

So, I just experienced what I now will forever remember as "The Tantrum". Hopefully, nothing similar will ever occur again, but I doubt it. I thought Nathan had tantrums before, but nothing compared to this.

Everything was fine, I picked him up from daycare, we drove home, and got out of the car. Then he sat on the cement in the garage and refused to get up and come in the house. So, I picked him up and put him on his feet, and he forcefully started to squirm and sat down. "I'll fix him", I thought, and I went inside, and shut the door and left him in the garage in the dark.

It took him a few minutes, but he eventually called "mama" so I came and got him, and I thought it was over. But as soon as I opened the door, he sat back down, defiant. So, I picked him up and brought him inside...then, all hell broke loose. He was mad and he was letting me know it. I left him in the entryway.

I took some video of it about 5 minutes in...he was laying in the entryway, rolling around, crying, and having a fit...again, I have no idea why....I thought it would end soon if I ignored it.

10 minutes go by....15 minutes...Nathan is still crying, and its taking effort. It was so fake. Then, he decides to go in the basement and cries. Another 10 minutes go by and I go down and ask him if he is finally done. He starts to cry again and starts gagging (I am sure the gagging was part of the manipulation, but it did scare me!). So, I pick him up and carry him upstairs and put h im to bed.

More crying...but not for long. I let him sit up there for about 10 minutes and then walk in and go, "do you want dinner?" He is back to my sweet little boy, he smiles and goes, "yes"...

All is well....

until next time....

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