Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wet and Wild

Nathan came with me on Thursday to get Grandpa one of his favorite liquors - Gentlemen Jack. Of course when you bring kids into a liquor store they give them a Dum Dum sucker...this is Nathan's first! He only dropped it once on the seat (I took these pics while I sat in stop and go traffic on 694).

He loved it!
Below are pics of Nathan after we had breakfast with Grandpa today. He has such a good time with water and hoses....emptying and filling up buckets...keeps him busy! We came home and he took a nap while I made Zucchini bread. He didn't take a long nap, so when he woke up we played outside in the pool while Daddy and Uncle Kevin built a firepit and cut down three dead trees! Yae...two more things crossed off the "to do" list! :-) Too bad the chicken didn't cook tonight, oh well, we will have it tomorrow night....

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