Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy As Pie

I made one of the best pies of my life today, which is funny, because I see one of my friends also recently had an excellent "pie" day.

Anyways, Melanie gave me a pie book and pie pans when we got married, so everytime I make a pie I think of her...anyways, this pie book has about 12 pages in the beginning of this woman talking about her pie experiences...and life experiences in general.

So, today I started stribbling in the book my mom's recipes...I always refer back to them anyways, starting with the book and then deciding 'not to do it that way'. So, I figure by the time I am done I should just scribble in my own's entry would read: "now i understand the phrase, Easy As Pie". Because, it really is easy,...slightly time consuming, but easy.

Today was hard, all day long I was doing stuff. Karen and I went on a two hour drive to check out a rental hall for a possible 40th Anniversary Party for Mom and Dad. The plans are still just starting to come together and we all have to agree as we are all paying for it...but I hope we at least do something and it comes together.

On another note, our neighbor is working on his deck. And every night, he works on his deck. And he is slow. And he is noisy. Everynight this week, screw screw, pound pound, saw saw. Annoying! I wish he would read this blog and then hurry up.

Christopher tells me the high tomorrow is going to be only in the 60's! Its going to be definately is the year without a summer. The low tonight is going to be 43. I knew there had to be a reason my nose and throat were acting up (my nose is a barometer...whenever there is a season change, it lets me know).

Nathan did sit on the potty chair three times today...not on his own, but when we asked him he did (so long as he got 2 M&M's). They use M&M's in the toddler room at daycare, so I thought I would be consistent. Maybe one of these times when he sits on the chair he will actually use it...but, somehow I doubt it. He still just doens't seem too interested.

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