Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Promotion

So, I got promoted this summer. Did I ever mention that? I was told it is really an "amazing" thing that I should be "proud of" to get promoted amidst layoffs.

I felt crummy. I didn't want it (at first).

But, then I thought about how hard I worked and still work, and how I deserved it, especially since they delayed it last year. In my mind I compared what I do to what others do, and it definately was deserved.

It is weird though, for the first time in my career in public accounting at Deloitte I have surpassed those whom started before me....its weird to think that the people that mentored you are now a level below you. How can that be? I dunno, its just weird, and feels wrong.

So, today, our raise letters came.

I expected it to be low, but with my promotion I anticipated a certain amount.

I was disappointed. My raise was extremely low for a promotion year. I feel as if this is another kick in the ass from Uncle D.

At the same time I wonder, am I being greedy? Shouldn't I have expected this (which I thought I did, but was obviously underprepared for it)? Shouldn't I be happy I have a job (nevermind the people who got laid off that I know got severance, their PTO paid out, and have a new job already making more than they did at Deloitte)?

When should I complain? And when should I be thankful? I was bitter for quite a while...but then Nathan was playing trucks with Daddy, and it all just faded away.

Maybe I do deserve more, but I am not willing to fight for it right now. Right now, I just want to be a Mom.

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  1. I hear ya. The working world is so many ways. We keep telling ourselves to be thankful for the lifestyle and the jobs we have, but at the same time we think about what we could have...or could have had...or what other's have that we don't. However, right now, Anna definitely helps us not care...I'd rather just worry about being a mom :) It's more fun anyway and our jobs are paying for us to provide for her and that's enough right now.