Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Losing faith...or maybe its already gone...

The people here have turned into idiots. So many are grabbing to be spoonfed from cradle to grave...its like they don't even care about their own lives anymore...its like they want to be hooked up to the matrix and oblivious to all the truth out there.

Why the bad mood, Renee?

Saturn is now closing. And I am beyond disgusted. And sick to my stomach.

Everyday, this client is struggling, this one is filing bankruptcy, this one is failing...and GM, who gets millions in bailout money, can't even hold onto the brands I like. So much for gov't intervention...well, I knew it wouldn't work anyways.

I see it everyday. There is nothing the private sector can't do better than the public sector, save for defense.

I so wanted to buy an Outlook before I had the next baby.

No baby right now.

No Outlook.

rant over.

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