Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh toodles!

Only you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans will understand the title....

Nathan enjoyed learning how to "dunk" his Italian Dunker tonight...only, he didn't really like the red sauce. So, then he tried to wipe it off with his hands and then proceeded to shove his hands in my face because they were dirty.

I also had him help me get the mail today and he really enjoyed that. I figured I should let him do it all the time, because the spiders put egg sacs in there and sometimes when I take out the mail spiders are on it! I have asked Chris numerous times to clean out the mailbox for me but he says there are no spiders in it and he doesn't know what I am talking about (boys!). I am thinking of taking the whole dang mailbox and chucking in the garbage and getting a new one. One, to eliminate the current spiders in there, and two, because its starting to look crappy anyways (dang you!).

Another tax deadline is rapidly approaching, and that meant while I stayed home from work on Monday (and worked 5 hours virtually), that Tuesday was a 14 hour day. Today I had to pick Nathan up from daycare because Chris had his fantasy football draft after work so, fortunately, I couldn't work late. But, I told Chris if he picked Brett I would just puke. Oh Brett, why did you have to go and break my heart? Any team but the Vikings...any team, would have been better...

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