Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once a month stock-up

I stock up on groceries once a month at SuperTarget. That's when I buy most everything for a month: meat, canned goods, frozen items, toilet paper, diapers, etc. I usually go one or two times in between for milk and fruit, but other than that, I don't usually buy things until I have my extra 10% discount card from my Target Visa.

It really works out well, but I am also a coupon clipper, so its a time-consuming process that takes a unique set of skills and determination. And, no matter how many trips I have to take (today was only two carts) and how good my list is, I still always forget something. Today, it was half-and-half and the creamed corn (I was going to make squash soup).


I always think of funny things or experience funny things while I am shopping....or, maybe I just think they are funny or interesting.

Like, today, I was like..eggs for 99 cents! Rock on! But then I saw that 18 eggs were only $1.30...what the heck?! That dozen eggs for 99 cents was a ripoff. I promptly put my two cartons of eggs back, and got the 18-eggs carton. I smiled as I saw all of the "unsuspecting too quick to analyze prices" shoppers around me snatch up the 99 cent cartons. muhahaha.

And I get kind of giddy when my coupon matches with a sale at the happened a few times, the buy one get one free Ritz Cracker coupon matched with a sale on Ritz crackers...yes! And I had a $1 off two Chex cereals, which were on-sale for a $1 off each one...rock on! *Renee pumps fist in middle of shopping aisle*

And don't get me started on how exciting it is to have Lean Cuisines 5 for 10 and then also have a $1 off the purchase of 3! *time to do a happy dance*

Unfortunately though, I am also a label reader, and I don't buy crap unless its something crappy anyways (Like, if I want to buy us something chocolate for the occasional craving, I don't read the label and compare....because, its candy, it ain't good for you anyways) But, anything else, I read, especially if its new. Thus, I am usually buying organic. So, I say "unfortunately" only because, despite my amazing skills on coupon clipping and getting things down to unit price, I still spend a lot on groceries.

Wild Game tonight! Conference call in 2 minutes...guess I had better go...

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