Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering Today

This morning I woke up and turned on the t.v.....and I cried. I saw all of the same pictures and videos I saw eight years ago...I remember how it was and I remember how everyone felt. But most people have forgotten. I wish they wouldn't.

I remember how I heard about the first crash in my car on the radio. I remember getting to work and this horribly snotty coworker of mine commented that she actually 'beat' me to work that day (because she was always getting in at 10Am). I remember I thought, "don't you have any idea what is going on?" But then I recalled she rarely whatever.

I remember calling my mom and waking her up, and telling her we were being attacked. I can still hear her voice when she turned on the t.v. and saw the pictures.

I remember standing downstairs in our work training room as we watched the t.v. after the first tower collapsed. I remember the live video and someone saying, "oh my God, the other one is falling".

I remember after that going back to my desk and packing up. I was getting the hell out of dodge and going home to my family and friends. I remember a coworker Sarah was upset I was leaving because some tax returns weren't completed. I thought, "whatever". A few minutes after I left they evacuated downtown completely everyone had to go.

I remember the initial estimates of lives lost that first they were 20,000 people. I remember I almost threw up when I heard that. 20,000, just like me, who got up that day, had some breakfast, put their socks on, kissed their kids and wives and husbands goodbye, and went to work.

I remember watching the video of people jumping out of the towers, rather than burning to death. It still makes me sick to my stomach. I still question myself, "would I be a jumper if that happened to me?"

I remember the anger. I remember the sadness. I still feel both emotions. It was unprovoked. It was anti-American. It wasn't anything to do with the people who died. It was sick and it was intentional.

Freedom isn't free. All of the families who lost loved ones in 9/11 know and understand this...but unfortunately, as time goes on, many forget....

but I won't.

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