Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Rose Garden

Yum yum!!! Or as Nathan would say, "mmm mmm mmm mmmnnnnmmmmnnnmmm". After Chris' parents went to church tonight, they stopped by so we could all go the Rose Garden in Coon Rapids for some Chinese food.

The place is a dump. The food is amazing.

Tonight we all shared chicken fried rice, chicken almond ding (I love this!), Schezwan beef (because we had to get at least one spicy thing), egg rolls, wontons, and chicken wings. For dessert, we ordered their good! Everything was especially good tonight though, so even though we ordered with no MSG I wonder if there really wasn't some in there!

We also bought a tree today...a Pin Oak. I had been wanting something different for awhile, so trees were on sale so we got one from the nursery we like for a great price....I was very happy about it until after paid and found out, oh, since you bought it during the fall sale, no warranty! Usually we get a 5 year warranty from this, apparently you get nothing when you buy a tree on sale. sad!

Other than that, I am into Cake Mania right now and Bad girls of the bible...maybe I will play one round of Cake Mania, and then read some more in Bad Girls of the Bible.

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