Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday with the Three Two's

Saturday was spent with the three twos: Anna (Over 2 years old), Nathan (almost 2 years old), and Tabitha (two + months old). It was a fun day - and I can proudly say we (but mostly I) got them all to nap at the same time.

Tabitha slept in our bedroom on a blanket on the floor, Nathan in his room, and Anna in the guest room. Anna sleeps in a big girl bed now so that was totally easy.

Here is a picture of Tabitha. She was a very easy baby...she loved to just sit and watch things and coo and suck her thumb. I think she looks completely like Ryan.

This is Anna in her pj's...the kids were here early - 6:20! I had just made it downstairs and was grinding coffee beans when they came...of course, Nathan chose that one day to sleep in. As you can see from the above picture, Anna loves to pose.

Here we are at breakfast. Anna was still a little out of it. She normally doesn't get up until 8 or 9, so I am sure the getting up at 5:30 or so to go to Auntie Renee's was quite difficult! She didn't eat much for breakfast...Nathan out-ate her two to one (until dinner, in which she turned into a Pancake Hound!)

Since Chris was home (his biking trip got cancelled because Cory was sick), I was able to leave the baby with him and take the toddlers to the park in the bike buggy. Nathan didn't like sharing with Anna at first...but got used to it after a few minutes.

When we got the park, Anna kept saying, "auntie out! Auntie out!" I could barely get them out of that buggy fast enough.

They both love to swing...I was constantly pushing. Anna just is constantly saying the whole time, "auntie poosh! Aunite poosh!" Nathan has a different approach, he yells "mama!" and whacks the front of his swing. It was pretty funny though...Anna loved it when it was "windy", but Nathan likes to close his eyes and put his head back....which, I always did when I was little and on a swing, and sometimes still do. It gives you a rush!

Here they are going down the slide! I asked Anna to wait so I could take the picture...but she just couldn't...

Aunt Karen came over around 3:30...we went outside and played after nice long naps (Tabitha, 4 hours, Anna, 2.5 hours, and Nathan 3 hours - oh, and Mommy! one hour with Gigi. It was sweet). Anyways, we had sidewalk chalk out and Karen started putting "war paint" on the kids. Hilarious. Nathan hated his but Anna wanted to apply it like makeup. Oh, how different boys and girls are.

Here they are with Chief Karen!

After dinner, in which I swear Anna ate 10 pancakes (i have never seen her eat so much!), we had this mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert. They were so full, they could barely finish them. But, they did enjoy them!
By 9PM, I had had it and was totally worn out...but, I also did it! With help from Karen and Chris, but, I know I could do it again. Very empowering feeling!

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