Sunday, September 27, 2009

Six Years & Counting!

Today is our six-year anniversary!

I love you Christopher!

We went out for Chinese last night with his parents, it was totally delish. And this morning, as I lay in bed sleeping in and enjoying the only "sweet spot" in our bed (the middle), I heard the garage door open and Chris drive away. I knew he was going to get me some sort of special treat, and sure enough, a Dunn and a donut! Two of my favs! I also got to soak in the tub this morning while pondering the Biblical story about Lot and his was very relaxing (but that story still bothers me a lot...mostly because, like Lot's wife, I think I would have looked back...)

Another treat for us though, we went to Schneidermann's yesterday to look, once again, at some new sofas for our family room. We love how comfy the sofa we have now are, they are hand-me-downs from Chris' parents (and, incidentally, where I got (or rather gave) my first kiss with Christopher), but they are falling apart. The cushions are ripping as the fabric is so old...definately they got good use! Flexsteel.

So, we sat on a lot of couches yesterday, but Flexsteel won us over again - at first it feels hard, but then you sink into it and its nice. We brought home two swatches of fabric and when I got them upstairs and set them out they were just not working for me. So, I ran back and got a few more...the first browns I picked were much too "gold", if that makes sense, and so when I went back I got more mocha, chocolately browns. When I brought those home and layed them out I felt a calm come over me, so I know I made the right choice the second time around. I have to go back today and order the couches as the 18% off sale ends today....but, I have to take Nathan with me by myself, so let's hope that little buggar behaves!

Chris is headed over to Mom and Dad's in a bit to help bale 2nd crop hay...I am not going to help, but Nathan and I are headed over to grab some pumpkins and watch the tractors for awhile before naptime. I don't think there is much hay so they should be done in 2-3 hours if nothing breaks down.

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