Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What was doing while I had no computer?

Well, a bunch of things!

Melanie and I went to a baseball game in which the Twins actually won (an accomplishment in itself). I took my camera though since I figured it will be for sure the last time I see a baseball game in the dome, and may be my last time actually in the dome (because I will never go for a Vikings game). Below is one my favorite things about the dome: The Snausage Sign!

Oh, how I will miss you Snausage!

Auntie Karen and I took Nathan to the beach one day....my little modest boy refused to take his shirt off.

He loved the splashing!

Auntie and Nathan relaxin'.

All of the corn was ripe a few weeks ago, so it was a corn fiesta almost every night! I have never frozen corn before because the last few years the corn wasn't very plentiful and I didn't really care to...well, this year there was so much I made two batches and tons of quart bags of frozen corn.

I also finished my pansy wall hanging...something I have been trying to do for over two years. I started it when I was pregnant.

Nathan was in the Lino Lakes parade with his daycare...I also helped by handing out candy. He had a good time but fell asleep in the red buggy halfway through the parade. He's in the yellow in the front!

Daddy and Nathan shucking the last of the corn...it was hard work for Nathan!

A surprise package came for Nathan on Friday...I had no idea what it was. It was from Uncle Matthew and Aunt Fran!

Nathan absolutely loved it. He is quite possessive of Thomas too...doesn't like to share...so here I am holding Stanley.

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  1. Getting packages is the best part of having relatives far away!