Friday, September 11, 2009

What's wrong with people today...

I have to blog about a V8 commercial I just saw. Everything about it is just so wrong.

It starts out well, a family sits down to dinner. Then, these little cartoon boxes go over their heads and the announcer says, "now you don't have to worry about getting your 5 fruit/veggies a day". All of the little boxes have the number "0" in them. The mother passes a plate of broccoli to her daughter (she doesn't take any), the daughter passes to her sister, who passes it to her dad, who I think passes it back to the son who sets it down. None of them take any broccoli. All of their boxes are zero.

But then the announcer says, "now you can get your veggies with v8 Splash" and the dad pours juice into his daughters glass and they all smile and their boxes start to show numbers....

The whole time I am thinking, WTF!

First, why did the mom make the broccoli if no one was going to take any? It looked dang good by the way.

Second, why, by the time is it dinner, have none of these people have had any fruits or veggies yet? They were just eating carbs and protein all day? gross! What kind of eating is that?

Third, why in the heck aren't those parents telling those kids to frickin' take some broccoli. And why in the heck aren't the parents setting a better example for their kids?

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