Friday, October 30, 2009

Totally Hilarious!

Okay, Nathan had his kitty downstairs today, and we were playing with the cars/trucks/whatever.

So, I take his kitty, and Kitty starts playing with a car...Nathan just starts cracking up! Kitty was driving it around with his paws, making it go "vroom vroom!"....

Then, Nathan tries to take the car away and Kitty just hisses and beats him up for it! And goes, "meow meow!" Nathan just laughs and laughs and laughs...

Well, then Nathan took the car, and so the kitty went and got another, and then, Nathan took that away too...well, the kitty was so sad then, so sad. So, Kitty came to me and just cried and meowed and I pet the kitty saying, "Nathan was so mean. Poor Kitty. Can't Kitty have a toy?"

Well, the kitty cried in my arm for like, what felt like, ever...and then Nathan goes over and gives the kitty his prize possession:  his new tractor!

Kitty was so happy he gave Nathan tons of kisses and then started riding that tractor around! Nathan thought it was the funniest thing in the world! 

*giggles and screams of delight*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy fall days...

I don't mind rainy days...but fall rainy days are yucky...especially day after day.  I think its affecting my mood.  I want crunchy leaves and brisk Nathan and I can get up and go for a walk or play outside or something. 

Nathan had his conference this week and his report is good.  Slightly aggressive, but completely normal for a boy his age.  He also sits on the potty very well and watches all of the other boys who know how to go, he just hasn't figured it out yet.  He is only two though, so I think he is doing well.

He is due for his 2-year checkup, and I am reluctant to head to the doctors office right now.  I have heard its just swarming with sick people, and they now put the sick people on one side, or in another room, or something.  And everyone wears masks.  Creepy.  Anyways, so, I think he is due for one booster shot, but whatever, that can wait a little bit.

He is being a bull for Halloween, Grandma-made costume, its totally cute.  Chris and I look pretty good in the hat too...we should take pictures.  :-)

I wish I could get out of my funk...maybe the sun will come out later....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan enjoyed having Grandma's and Grandpa's and aunts and uncles and cousins over for kabobs on the grill and his birthday bash!  The weather did not work out at all, since I wanted to try out our new firepit and have a nice bonfire and watch the sunset...but, it still was nice. 

I can't believe tomorrow is two years from the day he was born...What a different perspective being a mother puts on birthdays...

Here are the cupcakes I made...totally cute and fun to make!


Here's Auntie Karen getting her hug in (he wouldn't hug her, so she held him while he screamed for a was hilarious!)

Here's the crew

Family pic! 

Here comes the cake!

Present time...

Opening presents with Uncle Ryan...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nathan's Saying More...

Nathan's been in the toddler room now for two weeks, and I could tell after the first week it had an impact on his speech.  I think being around other kids helps him learn how to say new things...for example, he uses full sentences now, even though they are still hard to understand:

"I wanna p(l)ay"

"I want down"

"I pooped"

"Mama play choo choo!"

Its very interesting that he has started using "I" now...he also is a big copy cat, and we can get him to try to say most anything if we make it into a copycat game.  But, if you ask him to say something, he won't do it! 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cranky Almost Two-Year Old

This morning I woke up with a sense of dread...I just didn't know how I was going to handle the Chris was getting ready for work I pondered: how can I be on this conference call for work from 9-10, watch Nathan and have him behave quietly (he is still is not 100% from this latest flu/cold bug), and handle the furniture delivery (anytime between 9:30 - 11:30)!

I shared my thoughts with Chris, and he offered to stay home and help.   What a wonderful thing!  Nathan was up...but Daddy said he would watch him, and so I went right back to sleep.

I got up shortly before my conference call, took a showever, and grabbed some coffee.  Thank goodness Daddy was home, because my Verizon calling number did not work, and as I scrambled to get something else figured out and somehow contact everyone, the furniture delivery people showed up early.  Fortunately someone else on the call had a number we could use, and I didn't have to balance 5 things at once. 

Because everything turned out so well, and Nathan was in such a cheerful mood, I decided maybe we could go get his two year pictures taken.  Last time, at 18 months, it was alittle more difficult than the time before...he was kind of scared, and didn't really want to sit on the ledge, but we still got some cute pics.  This time, however, was really hard.  Nathan was really happy to be long as he was in the corner, with the bucket of toys.  He didn't want to sit on that ledge without toys and smile for the scary lady (who was not scary at all, but he didn't seem to like her).  And he was kind of good for a few moments when we gave him a soccer ball...but, he didn't want to let go of it.  He just wasn't happy.  And then the tears came...and who wants pictures of a kid that was just crying? 

We left.  I was really sad.

We are going to try again tomorrow...but not there.  Part of the problem was there is that Nathan saw a lot of toys when we walked in, and immediately wanted to run over next to them to play.  When I took  him somewhere else, he wasn't happy.  I don't know if anywhere else will be better, but we'll see.  The 2 year pictures may have to be done at home otherwise.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Christmas songs...

I can hear everyone *groaning*...Christmas music, already?

I could seriously listen to it all year makes my heart happy!  So, I think I will be blogging a lot over the next few months about songs...

And tonights edition:  Auld Lang Syne -  Come on, people! I know you have always wanted to know the words, as well as what it means....

it means, "to days gone by" or "to the good old days"...

if you look at the lyrics, it says: well, heck!  let's sit down and have a beer, and celebrate all the stuff we've done over the years....

..sounds like a great time to me! 

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup
and surely I’ll buy mine
And we'll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

We two have run about the slopes,
and picked the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
since auld lang syne.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
since auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand my trusty friend
And give us a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

This weeks projects...and Nathan's sleeping habits...

Below is where we found Nathan one night last week...its so funny...its like he got out of bed, and then just got tired and went to sleep! 

Lately he has been putting way too much stuff in his bed after we tuck him's a picture from what his bed looked like during a nap one afternoon.  He called for me to come into his room, and well, you can see why (there was no room for him!)

I made a Christmas present for my mom out of some fabric Suz gave me to make a table topper -- I knew it would be for my mom right away due to the colors.  It was so nice because I only had to buy the backing and batting.   Here's how it turned out!: (I gave it to her early, because, well, its fall colors!)

I also finished up piecing two baby blankets today - now they just need to be trimmed and sent off to the quilters!  I can't post them though, no no!  Gifts people!

Below is my project from the class I have been taking for the past year...its almost done!  I need to get those borders pieced and sewn on, and then, it too will be off to the quilters - its so exciting to finish projects.

I don't think I can quilt it myself though...I need a walking foot, and have yet to order that, and plus, I need skilz.  I don't have any quilting skilz yet. 

We are doing the same class again this year, only its 9 months instead of 12 - this year I chose Bright Batiks as my fabric kit.  I like to choose something different everytime because I don't have a stash of fabrics yet. I love my fabrics this time though!  I found this wonderful background fabric at Bear Patch this weekend, and Suz let me "borrow" some of her stash, so I have doubled my choices in no time at all!  The ones on the left are from Suz, the ones on the right are from the kit.  I don't think the picture does it justice, but stay tuned for beautiful things to come...!

Here is some yarn I bought on clearance...which was dumb, because now I see it has a dye lot.  I just love it though, and will have to find something new to crochet once I finish my current afghan. 

Here's a token picture of Gigi next to all the laundry I need to fold and put away (clearly not a priority tonight!)


Someone I have worked closely with the past nine years has announced his retirement today - I knew it was coming, eventually, but I thought it wouldn't be until next year. 

So, I am sad...and very...

the kind of sad where you cry for a few minutes alone and then wipe the tears away quickly so no one will see...

the kind of sad where a song comes on and it fits perfectly (in this case, Auld Lang Syne, ironically appropriate was that?)...

the kind of sad where you are so happy for the other person, and yet so sad  for yourself...

the kind of sad where you know you just have to accept this as part of life, and move on...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas is for children....

But aren't we all children, Christmas Day?

-Some Christmas song

I am currently working on making some Christmas presents...they are turning out beautifully! So far the longest part was finding all the pieces to make these work.  Everyone in my family will get one - I have six to do so I plan on keeping two for myself.  I would post them, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  I have to head back to Michaels though for two more pieces because today they only had 3 left at the store I stopped at.  Man, this is vague...I should move on.

I have the week off this week...which means, three days without Nathan to do a lot of stuff around the house and to tackle my "to do" fun list!  But, of course,  Nathan may be sick.  We aren't totally sure yet...he has had a cold/flu for the past two weeks or so...currently it was just a runny nose and congestion...but today he got major diarhea. 

Daddy put him the tub he was so messy,...well, you can guess what happened in the tub!  Yes, it was gross and disgusting and everything has since been washed and bleached...but we went through at least 3 or 4 diapers in the past 4 hours, so here's hoping its over!  If he has it like that tomorrow, he will for sure need to stay home. 

I hope he feels better...I haven't been feeling 100% myself...but then again, what else is new? 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harvest Time!

Last weekend I spent a lot of it making all the apples we had in the basement into applesauce - probably at least a bushel of apples was starting to go bad.  Nathan was a good helper though, and ate tons of apples during the process!  Here are some pics from last Sunday:

We even had a good breakfast even though Daddy wasn't home:  bacon and eggies! 
After Chris and Kevin got home from duck hunting, Kevin and Nathan sat down to read a book and Kevin explained to Nathan the parts of a crane!  As you can see, Nathan really did enjoy it!
Nathan had a first on Monday morning: the Toddler room officially all day! He did really well all week, but of course I had to take a picture of him on the morning of this milestone:

The first snowfall of the season was this Saturday, we got bundled up in our winter clothes from last year and although the coat and hat barely fit, it worked!  At first Nathan didn't like the snow, and kept trying to get it off his shoes, but after awhile, he thought it was fun to through it up in the air and play "choo choo" around with Mommy and follow all the neat paths I made. 

Today we went over to Grandma's early to help pick a lot of things, and finish up the hay that's been on the ground for over two weeks! We had to pick the rest of the squash, gourds, pumpkins, and popcorn! Its been quite the harvest this year.

Nathan was  yelling at Grandpa, "No! No!" Because he started the tractor and was driving away and we still had pumpkins to put into the trailer! 

Even Benny got a corncob!

Uncle Kevin is showing Nathan how to shuck the popcorn!

After this Nathan got cranky so it was naptime, and then later he and Anna played really well!  They had a really good time outside while we grilled hamburgers, and loved swinging on the big swing:

And finally, here are some of the gourds we picked...I am taking these to daycare - I had to wash and dry them tonight though beforehand.  I hope the kids like them!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake...

With marshmallows on top for noses!

I am thinking of making cupcakes for Nathan's birthday, but I don't have a three-tiered platter and I really want to present them that way.  I want to do:  Cow cupcakes on bottom, Pig cupcakes in center, and one cupcake on the top with a tractor in it.  I think.  Although, I guess I am not sure where the candles will go. 

I can't decide what type of cupcakes to make either...chocolate is always a winner, but common.  I was thinking maybe vanilla?  Or lemon?  Lemon cupcakes are good...I have some frozen in the freezer, but not sure if I will use those. 

We have been working on blowing out a candle...and so far, he has managed to snuff it out with just blowing air out of his nose...although, this past week he has started to, maybe he will spit it out.  :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

To flu, or Not to Flu.

That is the question.

The answer?

For us, its not flu.   Four shots, two regular flu vaccines, two swine flu vaccines -- and both are loaded with Mercury...and the swine flu contains adjuvants.  I have done days and days of research, but it only confirmed what my heart told me all along:   Don't do it.

So, I started to question all the other vaccines, and you really have to outweigh the benefits with the risks...there is still some controversary about the MMR vaccines, even though all the mercury has been removed (it used to contain it), so, its not an easy decision.

But you can bet, everytime my doctor tells me what vaccines are "next" for Nathan, I will be considering each one and most likely spacing them out....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I don't think I have too many  hobbies.  But, maybe I do?  I do have a lot of things I enjoy, but I hate leaving a hobby unfinished.

In quilting, they have a name for all of your unfinished projects - UFO's.  I love quilting, and I just got my latest fabric bundle for my next class - its Bright Batiks!  Totally not Renee-like at all, but I wanted to try something new and different.  The first class I took it was 30's, the next class was civil war, and this class is Bright Batiks!  I so want to run downstairs right now and start -- but I know I should be starting the cleaning, or that I will be tired in probably an hour, or that I will sit there and stare at the fabrics without doing anything because I am full from dinner....

My point is, I need large blocks of time for my projects.  And that's hard.  And when we have another baby,  its going to be harder and harder. 

So, maybe I should narrow the projects down? 

Quilting - gotta keep the occasional sewing project
Scrapbooking - gotta keep that, I do that to save Nathan's memories!
Crocheting - I can do this while watching t.v. so why stop?  Its a two for one deal here...
Blogging - Okay, so maybe I could cut this out.  I don't write that often, but I do read blogs all the time.  (Maybe I should do this over my lunch break?) 
Facebook - I have pretty much cut this one out already.  Facebook has become a place where everyone you ever knew suddenly wants to be your "friend" but not really.  Its okay for the people I actually want to talk to, and for friends far away, but other than that, its gotten totally annoying. 
Cooking - I do love to cook and try new things and recipes...this fall I have tried a new chili recipe, a new pumpkin bar recipe, a new squash recipe...but I can't really cut that out, can I? 
Exercising - Not really a good thing to cut out, if anything, I should cut more in
TV watching - Definately should decrease this...maybe I will work on that as well.   

What do others cut out when they feel they have too much on their plate?  Sleep?  I won't be able to function if I do that.  Either way, I have to become more organized so I can either do more, or, just cut some things out and pack them up and put them away. 

I have a week of work off in a few weeks, which means three days of whatever I want to do.  My original plan was to scrapbook for those three days (uninterrupted!), but now I have to paint some stuff in the bathroom (we replaced a fixture), and I have to figure out a cake for Nathan's birthday, and schedule his 2-year appointment and call and ask what vaccines he's getting, and get my hair done (wanted to highlight with red again), and start getting some stuff ready for winter around, I dunno...maybe i will figure it all out...maybe not...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tacos, Twins & Tuesday

Taco bell tonight for din-din! Yummo! 

My dad always used to call dinner "din-din".  I didn't share what happened on Sunday night, but it was a quiet reminder of how precious time with people is....Dad wasn't feeling well all day - flu-like symptoms, and, apparently he wasn't able to pee all day, which, I don't think he shared with anyone until like 4PM...well, at 6:30 that night we get a call that he is going into the ER.  I could barely finish my dinner - you always worry about these things...if your dad wants to go to the ER, someone who is so tough and strong, you know its bad. 

Anyways, all turned out well. 

I am, however, slightly annoyed that the Twins game is still going on...I want to watch the Biggest Loser! My current favorite show...but, I cannot deparat from watching the end of the Twins...we are in the 11th inning!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Night Football

Okay, so I probably won't stay up for the whole game, but I still have to be prepared:

1.  Nathan wearing Green Bay Socks - check!
2.  Wore green and gold scarf to work today - check!
3.  Changed into appropriate attire following work, including Packers hoodie - check!
4.  Called Mom to discuss how all Vikings fans truly want to be Packers fans - check!
5.  Have appropriate Anti-everything-Favre attitude
6.  Have appropriate Packers team spirit (note that Vikings fans do NOT have this...they give up at the first sign of trouble) Check!

Let's go Pack!!  Everyone thinks you will lose, but no matter what, I am behind you!

I love my Green Bay Packers!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is your heat on?

In the winter, we rarely let the house get below 62 degrees, especially last year with Nathan being still very young and having so many colds and flus. But, the fall came in with a blast this year, and for the past week the house has been getting down to 60 or 61 degrees at night. Its currently 61, and its chilly! But I refuse to turn on the heat this early (although, we did turn on the fireplace the other night for a hour because our fingers were cold).

Its just so funny though, I am wearing two or three layers, Nathan is wearing his sweatshirt and sweatpants, and just a few weeks ago I feel like it was 85 degrees and the AC was on!

We spent the day at Grandma Speltz's today, pictures were taken, but I should have. I got to do a lot of crocheting (no pics because they are gifts for possible readers of this blog...hee hee!) and made some good progress. I also fell asleep under the hothouse, which usually doesn't happen, but I think I was so cold and the hothouse felt so good, I just zonked out. Nathan took a nap over there in Kevin's old that was a first. He did great! Slept for over two hours.

This morning was great too...he woke up, and I said, "if you want to get up...get up. Mommy is staying in bed!" The next thing I know, he is trucking into my room, and it goes like this:

Nathan: Mama?

Renee: What?

Nathan: Mama trucks!

Renee: Nnnnnnn

(Nathan exits....2 minutes elapse...he comes back with two trucks)

Nathan: Here Mama. Trucks! Mama go!

Renee: Mommy sleepy. Nathan go play.

(Nathan goes and plays! yae!)

Don't worry folks...I got up a few minutes later.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What does 18 cups of carrots look like?

Like this!:

I had the carrots my mom gave me downstairs in our refrigerator with the pop and beer, but I noticed a few days ago some of the carrots were starting to get soft. So, I took on the task today of making freezer carrots, (which is just freezing carrots) but without the blanching. Instead you cut them up, bake them for an hour, and then freeze them. And man, yes, this took two hours to do!

These were the ones that didn't make it into the 18 cup pot! I did a second batch though and cut these lengthwise to be put into pot roasts.

Here's Nathan relaxing and eating lunch during part of the process...
He tried eating some of my carrots but then spit them, a few of them may have bite marks.

Here is Nathan now in his toddler bed! We converted it last night, and he did very well, never got out of it, so he was definately ready. As you can see, he loves his bed!
We were over at Grandma's tonight, and sure enough, the band was out on the field for halftime (during a cold, chilly, misty/raining night) - oh those poor flute players! Most likely, the pads on your flute are now warped and wrecked...