Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harvest Time!

Last weekend I spent a lot of it making all the apples we had in the basement into applesauce - probably at least a bushel of apples was starting to go bad.  Nathan was a good helper though, and ate tons of apples during the process!  Here are some pics from last Sunday:

We even had a good breakfast even though Daddy wasn't home:  bacon and eggies! 
After Chris and Kevin got home from duck hunting, Kevin and Nathan sat down to read a book and Kevin explained to Nathan the parts of a crane!  As you can see, Nathan really did enjoy it!
Nathan had a first on Monday morning: the Toddler room officially all day! He did really well all week, but of course I had to take a picture of him on the morning of this milestone:

The first snowfall of the season was this Saturday, we got bundled up in our winter clothes from last year and although the coat and hat barely fit, it worked!  At first Nathan didn't like the snow, and kept trying to get it off his shoes, but after awhile, he thought it was fun to through it up in the air and play "choo choo" around with Mommy and follow all the neat paths I made. 

Today we went over to Grandma's early to help pick a lot of things, and finish up the hay that's been on the ground for over two weeks! We had to pick the rest of the squash, gourds, pumpkins, and popcorn! Its been quite the harvest this year.

Nathan was  yelling at Grandpa, "No! No!" Because he started the tractor and was driving away and we still had pumpkins to put into the trailer! 

Even Benny got a corncob!

Uncle Kevin is showing Nathan how to shuck the popcorn!

After this Nathan got cranky so it was naptime, and then later he and Anna played really well!  They had a really good time outside while we grilled hamburgers, and loved swinging on the big swing:

And finally, here are some of the gourds we picked...I am taking these to daycare - I had to wash and dry them tonight though beforehand.  I hope the kids like them!

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