Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I don't think I have too many  hobbies.  But, maybe I do?  I do have a lot of things I enjoy, but I hate leaving a hobby unfinished.

In quilting, they have a name for all of your unfinished projects - UFO's.  I love quilting, and I just got my latest fabric bundle for my next class - its Bright Batiks!  Totally not Renee-like at all, but I wanted to try something new and different.  The first class I took it was 30's, the next class was civil war, and this class is Bright Batiks!  I so want to run downstairs right now and start -- but I know I should be starting the cleaning, or that I will be tired in probably an hour, or that I will sit there and stare at the fabrics without doing anything because I am full from dinner....

My point is, I need large blocks of time for my projects.  And that's hard.  And when we have another baby,  its going to be harder and harder. 

So, maybe I should narrow the projects down? 

Quilting - gotta keep the occasional sewing project
Scrapbooking - gotta keep that, I do that to save Nathan's memories!
Crocheting - I can do this while watching t.v. so why stop?  Its a two for one deal here...
Blogging - Okay, so maybe I could cut this out.  I don't write that often, but I do read blogs all the time.  (Maybe I should do this over my lunch break?) 
Facebook - I have pretty much cut this one out already.  Facebook has become a place where everyone you ever knew suddenly wants to be your "friend" but not really.  Its okay for the people I actually want to talk to, and for friends far away, but other than that, its gotten totally annoying. 
Cooking - I do love to cook and try new things and recipes...this fall I have tried a new chili recipe, a new pumpkin bar recipe, a new squash recipe...but I can't really cut that out, can I? 
Exercising - Not really a good thing to cut out, if anything, I should cut more in
TV watching - Definately should decrease this...maybe I will work on that as well.   

What do others cut out when they feel they have too much on their plate?  Sleep?  I won't be able to function if I do that.  Either way, I have to become more organized so I can either do more, or, just cut some things out and pack them up and put them away. 

I have a week of work off in a few weeks, which means three days of whatever I want to do.  My original plan was to scrapbook for those three days (uninterrupted!), but now I have to paint some stuff in the bathroom (we replaced a fixture), and I have to figure out a cake for Nathan's birthday, and schedule his 2-year appointment and call and ask what vaccines he's getting, and get my hair done (wanted to highlight with red again), and start getting some stuff ready for winter around, I dunno...maybe i will figure it all out...maybe not...

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