Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is your heat on?

In the winter, we rarely let the house get below 62 degrees, especially last year with Nathan being still very young and having so many colds and flus. But, the fall came in with a blast this year, and for the past week the house has been getting down to 60 or 61 degrees at night. Its currently 61, and its chilly! But I refuse to turn on the heat this early (although, we did turn on the fireplace the other night for a hour because our fingers were cold).

Its just so funny though, I am wearing two or three layers, Nathan is wearing his sweatshirt and sweatpants, and just a few weeks ago I feel like it was 85 degrees and the AC was on!

We spent the day at Grandma Speltz's today, pictures were taken, but I should have. I got to do a lot of crocheting (no pics because they are gifts for possible readers of this blog...hee hee!) and made some good progress. I also fell asleep under the hothouse, which usually doesn't happen, but I think I was so cold and the hothouse felt so good, I just zonked out. Nathan took a nap over there in Kevin's old that was a first. He did great! Slept for over two hours.

This morning was great too...he woke up, and I said, "if you want to get up...get up. Mommy is staying in bed!" The next thing I know, he is trucking into my room, and it goes like this:

Nathan: Mama?

Renee: What?

Nathan: Mama trucks!

Renee: Nnnnnnn

(Nathan exits....2 minutes elapse...he comes back with two trucks)

Nathan: Here Mama. Trucks! Mama go!

Renee: Mommy sleepy. Nathan go play.

(Nathan goes and plays! yae!)

Don't worry folks...I got up a few minutes later.

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