Friday, October 9, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake...

With marshmallows on top for noses!

I am thinking of making cupcakes for Nathan's birthday, but I don't have a three-tiered platter and I really want to present them that way.  I want to do:  Cow cupcakes on bottom, Pig cupcakes in center, and one cupcake on the top with a tractor in it.  I think.  Although, I guess I am not sure where the candles will go. 

I can't decide what type of cupcakes to make either...chocolate is always a winner, but common.  I was thinking maybe vanilla?  Or lemon?  Lemon cupcakes are good...I have some frozen in the freezer, but not sure if I will use those. 

We have been working on blowing out a candle...and so far, he has managed to snuff it out with just blowing air out of his nose...although, this past week he has started to, maybe he will spit it out.  :-)

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