Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy fall days...

I don't mind rainy days...but fall rainy days are yucky...especially day after day.  I think its affecting my mood.  I want crunchy leaves and brisk Nathan and I can get up and go for a walk or play outside or something. 

Nathan had his conference this week and his report is good.  Slightly aggressive, but completely normal for a boy his age.  He also sits on the potty very well and watches all of the other boys who know how to go, he just hasn't figured it out yet.  He is only two though, so I think he is doing well.

He is due for his 2-year checkup, and I am reluctant to head to the doctors office right now.  I have heard its just swarming with sick people, and they now put the sick people on one side, or in another room, or something.  And everyone wears masks.  Creepy.  Anyways, so, I think he is due for one booster shot, but whatever, that can wait a little bit.

He is being a bull for Halloween, Grandma-made costume, its totally cute.  Chris and I look pretty good in the hat too...we should take pictures.  :-)

I wish I could get out of my funk...maybe the sun will come out later....

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