Monday, October 19, 2009

This weeks projects...and Nathan's sleeping habits...

Below is where we found Nathan one night last week...its so funny...its like he got out of bed, and then just got tired and went to sleep! 

Lately he has been putting way too much stuff in his bed after we tuck him's a picture from what his bed looked like during a nap one afternoon.  He called for me to come into his room, and well, you can see why (there was no room for him!)

I made a Christmas present for my mom out of some fabric Suz gave me to make a table topper -- I knew it would be for my mom right away due to the colors.  It was so nice because I only had to buy the backing and batting.   Here's how it turned out!: (I gave it to her early, because, well, its fall colors!)

I also finished up piecing two baby blankets today - now they just need to be trimmed and sent off to the quilters!  I can't post them though, no no!  Gifts people!

Below is my project from the class I have been taking for the past year...its almost done!  I need to get those borders pieced and sewn on, and then, it too will be off to the quilters - its so exciting to finish projects.

I don't think I can quilt it myself though...I need a walking foot, and have yet to order that, and plus, I need skilz.  I don't have any quilting skilz yet. 

We are doing the same class again this year, only its 9 months instead of 12 - this year I chose Bright Batiks as my fabric kit.  I like to choose something different everytime because I don't have a stash of fabrics yet. I love my fabrics this time though!  I found this wonderful background fabric at Bear Patch this weekend, and Suz let me "borrow" some of her stash, so I have doubled my choices in no time at all!  The ones on the left are from Suz, the ones on the right are from the kit.  I don't think the picture does it justice, but stay tuned for beautiful things to come...!

Here is some yarn I bought on clearance...which was dumb, because now I see it has a dye lot.  I just love it though, and will have to find something new to crochet once I finish my current afghan. 

Here's a token picture of Gigi next to all the laundry I need to fold and put away (clearly not a priority tonight!)

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