Friday, October 2, 2009

What does 18 cups of carrots look like?

Like this!:

I had the carrots my mom gave me downstairs in our refrigerator with the pop and beer, but I noticed a few days ago some of the carrots were starting to get soft. So, I took on the task today of making freezer carrots, (which is just freezing carrots) but without the blanching. Instead you cut them up, bake them for an hour, and then freeze them. And man, yes, this took two hours to do!

These were the ones that didn't make it into the 18 cup pot! I did a second batch though and cut these lengthwise to be put into pot roasts.

Here's Nathan relaxing and eating lunch during part of the process...
He tried eating some of my carrots but then spit them, a few of them may have bite marks.

Here is Nathan now in his toddler bed! We converted it last night, and he did very well, never got out of it, so he was definately ready. As you can see, he loves his bed!
We were over at Grandma's tonight, and sure enough, the band was out on the field for halftime (during a cold, chilly, misty/raining night) - oh those poor flute players! Most likely, the pads on your flute are now warped and wrecked...

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