Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and cookie making

Here's Nathan coloring a turkey with Auntie Karen before dinner...

Posing with Daddy during dinner!

Eating pie with whipped cream...

So cute!  Mom and Anne!

We made cookies at Grandma's today..and Daddy brought Nathan over for a few hours to help out before he had to go home to nap...he was a good helper!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love my cats...

I love my cats.

Seriously, I do. 

Which is obvious, given I spent $600 on them today. 


The checking account took a huge hit that I wasn't expecting.  I was expecting less. 

The cats had their annual checkups today, and shots.  Usually its around $300 for this, but today I was getting Roary a "wellness" checkup, so I knew it would be more.  But, on top of that, both cats had bad tartar on the back of their teeth.  My dad showed me, and it was NOT pretty.  The gums were pretty red.  So, that had to be taken care of...then, as you know, Roary has been peeing.  So, the vet (Dad) said we had better check both of them for an infection.

Well, Gigi had enough pee in her to test, but Roary didn't.  So, I went and paid the bill and left.  Dad gave Roary fluids so that in a few hours he could test him.  Then, Dad drove over to my house and dropped him off after (I guess that's the kind of service you get when being the vet's daughter...).  :-)

But, I was totally shocked to find out he DID have a low-grade infection, could have had it for some time now, and he has crystals forming in his urine.  super!  Now he has to be on antibiotics for two weeks, he had a shot today, and all of their food is changing to prescription food for at least six months. 

Did I mention I love my cats? 

Hopefully this will stop the peeing on the carpet...which, actually hasn't occurred since Saturday....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Today's projects....

So, yes, this is my 3rd post today, but I am anxiously awaiting Nathan and Daddy coming home because Chris volunteered to take Nathan to the doctor today for me.  I know it can take a long time...and I am trying NOT to call his cell so another post is a good distraction. 

I really should go finish the laundry...but laundry is a quiet task that doesn't challenge my mind and my thoughts will wander to worries. 

Anyways, I sewed the binding on my second baby quilt with the machine, so now I just have to hand-stitch it on.  I am really tired of how flannel sucks the moisture out of your hands when you work with it! My hands feel so dry afterwards. 

Here's a picture of Nathan's stocking I finished recently:

I also used up the leftover strawberry marshmallows from Nathan's birthday cupcakes and made him some Rice  Krispy treats - hopefully they will cheer him up after his visit to the doctor this afternoon. 

Look at this pretty Christmas fabric - its going to become placemats for gifts - JoAnn had 60% on Christmas fabrics yesterday so I couldn't go wrong. I wanted to do all blues, but the blues were mostly light blue so I went with classic Christmas colors.  I'll post pics when they are done.

Just talked to Daddy - doctor said his cough is just a cough!  Good news.  Also, he is in the 97th percentile for weight, the 98th percentile for height, and the 75th for head size.  So, I guess he is a big boy (which, honestly, we knew). 

Here is my Christmas present from Anne and Gary for last got finished a few weeks ago and is in our entryway...isn't it nice?:

A bump in the night...

I haven't written for a bit because its been quite the week and weekend. 

At first I didn't want to write about this for fear of what people would say...but I realize the people who read this blog wouldn't say anything nasty. 

So, Roary has been peeing on the carpet downstairs since we re-organized the room.  He has done this before when we move a rug to a "new" place, even if its not that far away.  So far I have tried Feliway, which hasn't really worked, putting down blankets (which, he hasn't gone since I did that)...adding a litter box, and feeding him treats now where he likes to go.  Its so frustrating because I love my kitty so much but it frickin' ticks me off!

Nathan spent the weekend at Grandma's and his cough has gotten worse, so I am taking him into the doctor today to make sure it's nothing serious.  Here's hoping for a good report.  I am not sure either if there is anything you can give a two-year old for a cough.  Last night I gave him a sip of Nyquil just to help him sleep as he wakes up and just coughs and did seem to help but obviously that isn't something he should have.

Speaking of last night, it was a doosy.  On Nathan's 3rd or 4th coughing fit, I got up to go and comfort him and make him take a drink.  Well, I must have partially closed the bedroom door in our room, because, as I was walking out I thought the door was open but it wasn't.  My forehead slammed into it.  It hurt pretty dang bad and a few seconds later I touched my forehead and sure enough, there was a big lump.  I was up for about the next two hours, taking some pain killers and holding an ice pack to my forehead feeling sorry for myself that my mother wasn't there to comfort me. 

When Christopher got up he said "I can't even see anything" so I assumed the bump/swelling had gone down.  Not so!  Its just that its so big (larger than a quarter currently) that at first you think its nothing but then you are like "whoa!  Good job Renee!".  I haven't had anything like this since I was little...I can't even remember when...I am grateful though I didn't cut my forehead open as well. 

Last night I finished a baby quilt for a friend of mine who is having a shower on Tuesday evening.  Here's the finished project - I used different types of fabrics which is usually a "no-no" because some of it stretches and some of it doesn't, but it turned out really sweet!:


As requested, here is a picture of the nightstand:

I need to pick out hardware for it, but can't decide exactly what I want, or even what color I want.  The wood is cherry, so it will darken over time...any ideas? 

Monday, November 16, 2009

The After....

And here it is:  The new and improved sewing area!  My desk still has things that need to be put away on it, but this is definately an improvement.  The only bad thing is the cement floor makes it feel "cold" even though its not!

Here is Chris' computer/desk with the treadmill in its new spot - this is the opposite end of the room above I just showed you...

Here is our new downstairs family room - yae!:

Here's another view:

These are our new upstairs sofa's...I just wanted to share because its so rare we buy furniture!  Oh, and did I mention, Chris finished our nightstands?! I felt like a grown-up when I could actually have a few drawers to put some things away in -  and it only took him 4 years, 10 months!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Before basement reorganization

I was planning on posting the before AND after pictures tonight...but, when I went downstairs to get my camera I forgot to actually take the after pictures.  That's okay though, as its not totally put back together yet...

This is our laundry and utility room...I am not sure why I took a picture of it as it isn't changing.  It kind of looks messy in this picture, but its actually very organized and full of lots of veggies and stuff.

Here's one end of the family room....

Here's the other.  As you can see, things have been kind of disorganized and messy for awhile.  We just moved the couches downstairs a few weeks ago when we got our new upstairs sofas, and we actually got rid of some very very old furniture we had from Chris' parents. 

This is our office/computer/sewing area.  It was all combined...

Here's a picture of the crawl space and future bathroom that is currently storage for pretty much everything right now, and no, its not organized...but it was a few hours later!

Here's a closeup of our office..the window is now where I will be setting up my sewing....

Fall Day at Uncle Charles' Birthday Party

Daddy and Nathan in the new combine!

Nathan acts so tough but then got scared when he got into it!

Classic: Kevin in leaf pile!

The kittens were so cute down there this year!

Most of the pics of Nathan and leaves didn't turn out because he wouldn't sit still for even a second...

Friday, November 13, 2009

November Thankfulness

November is a dark and gloomy month...The sun starts setting at 3:30, the days are gray, and the constant drizzle makes it hard to be happy during the day.  A lot of really hard things have happened during my life during dad's first trip to the hospital when I was younger was November 1, my mom's two breast cancer surgeries were in dad was laid up in November after back surgery two years ago...Nathan was very ill all of last November and the year before I can barely remember as I was struggling with a newborn and nursing...

But, November is also a month of Thanksgiving, and once the Christmas lights come on on Thanksgiving evening, everything starts to look up. 

Obviously I am thankful for my family and friends.  But here are some things I am thankful for that probably won't be mentioned at the table this year:

1.  My furnace - the warmth that it sends throughout the house on chilly days
2.  Sipping a cup of coffee quietly in my sitting room, while petting Roary...
3.  Putting on dry socks after taking a bath or shower
4.  Sippy cups that don't leak (unless you put pop in them....)
5.  Indoor plumbing...can you imagine chamber pots or outhouses?  And in the winter?!
6.  Reading a book you thought was going to be "okay" and it changes your life forever...
7.  Canned corn when you need a quick vegetable for dinner
8.  Dairy farmers - so we can have fresh milk

That's all I can think of now...but those are the things I am glad I have had today....

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am making a turkey tonight. I realize Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, but turkey has been so cheap...30 cents a pound...normally almost a $1 a pound...ridiculous! I got like a 12 pound turkey for four dollars! So, we are having turkey the next few nights.

Tonight we will have the turkey, and I will probably make mashed potatoes, gravy, and some veggie with it. 

Time to toot my own horn:  I make amazing gravy...ask my husband, who was a gravy-phobe until he tried mine and my mothers.  Now he is a gravy expert.  So, here's hoping for good drippings!

Tomorrow night then we will have Day After Thanksgiving hotdish probably.  Also very good, leftover turkey, with leftover potatoes, and leftover stuffing (but I can just make some for this) and with the leftover gravy and cheese on top!  You also doctor up the potatoes with spices. 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good news...

The news lately is so depressing...not even that I listen to it all that often, but you can't help but hear the tidbits lately and they aren't good.  So, I think I will post some "news" of my own that is good:

Yesterday I heard a weird noise:  Clomp.  Clomp.  Clomp.  I look upstairs at the hallway and here comes Nathan, wearing Daddy's slippers!  He was very proud of himself.  He knew he couldn't walk down the steps with them, so he proceed to take them off, haul them down the steps, and then put them back on once he got the family room.  I was laughing so hard I almost had tears in my eyes. 

I tried a new recipe yesterday: Hashbrown Quiche.  I don't like quiche, mostly because I don't like the crust and it doens't feel right to eat something that looks like a pie but doesn't taste like one (I also have the same problem with pot pies). Anyways, I digress.  So, I made this quiche, but instead of the crust, the bottom/side is hashbrowns.  I wasn't too sure at all about it, and even when I placed it on the table before us, I was wondering if it would be any good.  But then I took a bite, and was delighted!  It was very good!  Chris and I both had two helpings.  Nathan had a little, but he has been infactuated with pears lately, so he was scarfing one of those down. 

The moon and the weather - how wonderful its been!  and did you see the moon on Monday night?  A beautiful, huge, harvest moon.  I called my mom but because she is a moon-watcher, and everytime the moon is beautiful, I call her up to ask if she's seen it yet.  Sometimes at night, when the moon is shining in my bedroom window, I shut the lights off and watch it slowly move across the sky...

I have decided to re-organize the basement.  I sew down there, and since Chris has a laptop now, he rarely plays computer down there.  I have thought about it a lot, and I want to move my sewing table closer to the window, and take my big desk and make that my ironing table.  I never sit at that desk and do anything anyways, its pretty much storage, and its big enough to hold the full ironing pad Anne borrowed me, which I never gave back.  I thought I could move the couch, across to where it is now, and thus have some more space for Nathan to play.  In this whole process, both Chris and I could clean out our drawers and desks and eliminate things we don't need.  Also, if Chris can sell that weight set, it will make the basement even more spacious and clutter free.  Here's hoping that happens soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Seeds

My pumpkin seeds turned out to be the best ever this year - I think its because I didn't over-roast them.  I always thought that they had to turn brown to be good, but this year, I let them stay just lightly browned, or not even, and they are so delicious!  Just a little butter, worchestshire sauce, and salt and you are good to go!

Lately I have been daydreaming...about babies (no, not yet) and new jobs and a larger car for the new baby..whenever that happens...I think its because I have time at work to actually not work alittle..and then I start to daydream...

I was really hungry when I got home tonight, but then I went for a run and now I am not so hungry.  Tonight for the first time ever I ran at 7 mph for a tenth of a almost broke me.  I was so out of breath when I finished I had to just stop...but it was exciting to actually be going that fast for awhile!  I am shooting to get back to my 10 minute mile I achieved in the spring - I am now going to run three days a week - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's.  Friday's will be the difficult day being home with Nathan and all, but I should be able to do it during his nap...its just that I lack the motivation because I spend a lot of time on Friday's cleaning and running errands with Nathan.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's rev up!

Nathan loves to dance.  He mostly dances by twirling.  Just twirls over and over again.

Occasionally he will jump or hop, and do squats to the beat, but mostly, twirls. 

This morning when I dropped him off for daycare, he started twirling in the hallway. I didn't think music was playing, so I wasn't sure why.  He got very upset when I stopped him and made him go into his classroom.  I left him crying and giving me his pouty face.

One of his other new things is 'reving up'.  He throws his arms back, squats, and goes, "vrrrrrrrrrrrr!" and then runs to go do whatever he was going to do.  Its almost like he is getting ready to jump...but instead of jumping, he runs away!  I think he is revving his they do in the Cars movie.

I have also been letting him touch my computer a little is kind of difficult, because he doesn't have the patience to not start pounding on everything, but he really enjoys moving the mouse and making things appear on the screen.  We mostly play in paint. 

When I was younger, I thought my Speak and Spell was amazing (or my Speak and Math, Speak and Spell was actually my sisters).  Does anyone remember those?  They were so fun...I think I still have mine, somewhere.  Compared to what they have nowadays, its ancient.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Grandma made the costume again this year - Nathan "moos" so well, we decided he should be a bull!

We had a busy Saturday - carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, making popcorn balls, and going to church all before trick or treating!

He's such a cutie!

We all wanted pictures with the kids, but Nathan was so interested in his candy bucket he wouldn't look at any of us!

This last picture, well, what can we say..we are goofy!