Monday, November 16, 2009

The After....

And here it is:  The new and improved sewing area!  My desk still has things that need to be put away on it, but this is definately an improvement.  The only bad thing is the cement floor makes it feel "cold" even though its not!

Here is Chris' computer/desk with the treadmill in its new spot - this is the opposite end of the room above I just showed you...

Here is our new downstairs family room - yae!:

Here's another view:

These are our new upstairs sofa's...I just wanted to share because its so rare we buy furniture!  Oh, and did I mention, Chris finished our nightstands?! I felt like a grown-up when I could actually have a few drawers to put some things away in -  and it only took him 4 years, 10 months!

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  1. You need to post a picture of the nightstands!