Monday, November 23, 2009

A bump in the night...

I haven't written for a bit because its been quite the week and weekend. 

At first I didn't want to write about this for fear of what people would say...but I realize the people who read this blog wouldn't say anything nasty. 

So, Roary has been peeing on the carpet downstairs since we re-organized the room.  He has done this before when we move a rug to a "new" place, even if its not that far away.  So far I have tried Feliway, which hasn't really worked, putting down blankets (which, he hasn't gone since I did that)...adding a litter box, and feeding him treats now where he likes to go.  Its so frustrating because I love my kitty so much but it frickin' ticks me off!

Nathan spent the weekend at Grandma's and his cough has gotten worse, so I am taking him into the doctor today to make sure it's nothing serious.  Here's hoping for a good report.  I am not sure either if there is anything you can give a two-year old for a cough.  Last night I gave him a sip of Nyquil just to help him sleep as he wakes up and just coughs and did seem to help but obviously that isn't something he should have.

Speaking of last night, it was a doosy.  On Nathan's 3rd or 4th coughing fit, I got up to go and comfort him and make him take a drink.  Well, I must have partially closed the bedroom door in our room, because, as I was walking out I thought the door was open but it wasn't.  My forehead slammed into it.  It hurt pretty dang bad and a few seconds later I touched my forehead and sure enough, there was a big lump.  I was up for about the next two hours, taking some pain killers and holding an ice pack to my forehead feeling sorry for myself that my mother wasn't there to comfort me. 

When Christopher got up he said "I can't even see anything" so I assumed the bump/swelling had gone down.  Not so!  Its just that its so big (larger than a quarter currently) that at first you think its nothing but then you are like "whoa!  Good job Renee!".  I haven't had anything like this since I was little...I can't even remember when...I am grateful though I didn't cut my forehead open as well. 

Last night I finished a baby quilt for a friend of mine who is having a shower on Tuesday evening.  Here's the finished project - I used different types of fabrics which is usually a "no-no" because some of it stretches and some of it doesn't, but it turned out really sweet!:


  1. We were up all night last night with coughing fits too. Took Anna to the DR today and it's just a cold as we suspected, but with all the coughing, we wanted to be sure.


  2. Is it a bump like when I (with your help) managed to get a huge bump on my forehead from a bottle of sour apple while sitting around the campfire?