Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am making a turkey tonight. I realize Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, but turkey has been so cheap...30 cents a pound...normally almost a $1 a pound...ridiculous! I got like a 12 pound turkey for four dollars! So, we are having turkey the next few nights.

Tonight we will have the turkey, and I will probably make mashed potatoes, gravy, and some veggie with it. 

Time to toot my own horn:  I make amazing gravy...ask my husband, who was a gravy-phobe until he tried mine and my mothers.  Now he is a gravy expert.  So, here's hoping for good drippings!

Tomorrow night then we will have Day After Thanksgiving hotdish probably.  Also very good, leftover turkey, with leftover potatoes, and leftover stuffing (but I can just make some for this) and with the leftover gravy and cheese on top!  You also doctor up the potatoes with spices. 

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