Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good news...

The news lately is so depressing...not even that I listen to it all that often, but you can't help but hear the tidbits lately and they aren't good.  So, I think I will post some "news" of my own that is good:

Yesterday I heard a weird noise:  Clomp.  Clomp.  Clomp.  I look upstairs at the hallway and here comes Nathan, wearing Daddy's slippers!  He was very proud of himself.  He knew he couldn't walk down the steps with them, so he proceed to take them off, haul them down the steps, and then put them back on once he got the family room.  I was laughing so hard I almost had tears in my eyes. 

I tried a new recipe yesterday: Hashbrown Quiche.  I don't like quiche, mostly because I don't like the crust and it doens't feel right to eat something that looks like a pie but doesn't taste like one (I also have the same problem with pot pies). Anyways, I digress.  So, I made this quiche, but instead of the crust, the bottom/side is hashbrowns.  I wasn't too sure at all about it, and even when I placed it on the table before us, I was wondering if it would be any good.  But then I took a bite, and was delighted!  It was very good!  Chris and I both had two helpings.  Nathan had a little, but he has been infactuated with pears lately, so he was scarfing one of those down. 

The moon and the weather - how wonderful its been!  and did you see the moon on Monday night?  A beautiful, huge, harvest moon.  I called my mom but because she is a moon-watcher, and everytime the moon is beautiful, I call her up to ask if she's seen it yet.  Sometimes at night, when the moon is shining in my bedroom window, I shut the lights off and watch it slowly move across the sky...

I have decided to re-organize the basement.  I sew down there, and since Chris has a laptop now, he rarely plays computer down there.  I have thought about it a lot, and I want to move my sewing table closer to the window, and take my big desk and make that my ironing table.  I never sit at that desk and do anything anyways, its pretty much storage, and its big enough to hold the full ironing pad Anne borrowed me, which I never gave back.  I thought I could move the couch, across to where it is now, and thus have some more space for Nathan to play.  In this whole process, both Chris and I could clean out our drawers and desks and eliminate things we don't need.  Also, if Chris can sell that weight set, it will make the basement even more spacious and clutter free.  Here's hoping that happens soon!

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