Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love my cats...

I love my cats.

Seriously, I do. 

Which is obvious, given I spent $600 on them today. 


The checking account took a huge hit that I wasn't expecting.  I was expecting less. 

The cats had their annual checkups today, and shots.  Usually its around $300 for this, but today I was getting Roary a "wellness" checkup, so I knew it would be more.  But, on top of that, both cats had bad tartar on the back of their teeth.  My dad showed me, and it was NOT pretty.  The gums were pretty red.  So, that had to be taken care of...then, as you know, Roary has been peeing.  So, the vet (Dad) said we had better check both of them for an infection.

Well, Gigi had enough pee in her to test, but Roary didn't.  So, I went and paid the bill and left.  Dad gave Roary fluids so that in a few hours he could test him.  Then, Dad drove over to my house and dropped him off after (I guess that's the kind of service you get when being the vet's daughter...).  :-)

But, I was totally shocked to find out he DID have a low-grade infection, could have had it for some time now, and he has crystals forming in his urine.  super!  Now he has to be on antibiotics for two weeks, he had a shot today, and all of their food is changing to prescription food for at least six months. 

Did I mention I love my cats? 

Hopefully this will stop the peeing on the carpet...which, actually hasn't occurred since Saturday....

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