Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's rev up!

Nathan loves to dance.  He mostly dances by twirling.  Just twirls over and over again.

Occasionally he will jump or hop, and do squats to the beat, but mostly, twirls. 

This morning when I dropped him off for daycare, he started twirling in the hallway. I didn't think music was playing, so I wasn't sure why.  He got very upset when I stopped him and made him go into his classroom.  I left him crying and giving me his pouty face.

One of his other new things is 'reving up'.  He throws his arms back, squats, and goes, "vrrrrrrrrrrrr!" and then runs to go do whatever he was going to do.  Its almost like he is getting ready to jump...but instead of jumping, he runs away!  I think he is revving his engine...like they do in the Cars movie.

I have also been letting him touch my computer a little bit...it is kind of difficult, because he doesn't have the patience to not start pounding on everything, but he really enjoys moving the mouse and making things appear on the screen.  We mostly play in paint. 

When I was younger, I thought my Speak and Spell was amazing (or my Speak and Math, Speak and Spell was actually my sisters).  Does anyone remember those?  They were so fun...I think I still have mine, somewhere.  Compared to what they have nowadays, its ancient.

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