Friday, November 13, 2009

November Thankfulness

November is a dark and gloomy month...The sun starts setting at 3:30, the days are gray, and the constant drizzle makes it hard to be happy during the day.  A lot of really hard things have happened during my life during dad's first trip to the hospital when I was younger was November 1, my mom's two breast cancer surgeries were in dad was laid up in November after back surgery two years ago...Nathan was very ill all of last November and the year before I can barely remember as I was struggling with a newborn and nursing...

But, November is also a month of Thanksgiving, and once the Christmas lights come on on Thanksgiving evening, everything starts to look up. 

Obviously I am thankful for my family and friends.  But here are some things I am thankful for that probably won't be mentioned at the table this year:

1.  My furnace - the warmth that it sends throughout the house on chilly days
2.  Sipping a cup of coffee quietly in my sitting room, while petting Roary...
3.  Putting on dry socks after taking a bath or shower
4.  Sippy cups that don't leak (unless you put pop in them....)
5.  Indoor plumbing...can you imagine chamber pots or outhouses?  And in the winter?!
6.  Reading a book you thought was going to be "okay" and it changes your life forever...
7.  Canned corn when you need a quick vegetable for dinner
8.  Dairy farmers - so we can have fresh milk

That's all I can think of now...but those are the things I am glad I have had today....

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