Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy day thus far...

I have hit a tired I thought I would blog for a few moments here rather than closing my eyes and ending up napping.   I want to finish wrapping presents today...I am usually done by now, but I wrapped most of the ones for Chris' family, which I normally don't do. 

Nathan and I went to Bachman's this morning to get a nice plant or gift for our family friends I have known all my life, who are ill.  I have never been to Bachman's in the winter around Christmastime and it was wonderful!  So many lovely Christmas things...trees everywhere all decked plants, beautiful creations...its better now than it is in the summer!  They had these little wooden trains, cars, trucks, planes that are hand-made locally, so I bought three of them for Nathan.  He loves them - so I will have to wrap them up while he is sleeping now so he forgets about them. 

Anyways, we got a nice card and a little Christmasy plant for them and dropped it off.  They were both home and surprised to see us but I think it brightened their day some!  Charlie, their dog, sniffed Nathan and he giggled, and then they were playing chase.  They have lots of trinkets and Christmas decorations so its not a house to run around in, so I had to pick Nathan up.  Anyways, they packed up some Christmas cookies for us when we left and Nathan enjoyed one before we went to JCP's for some last minute Christmas shopping. 

I wanted to get one more thing for my sister and my mom...which, I found something I really think my mom will like (took forever for me to spot something) and then of course it is like the most expensive thing there...$60, but on sale for $45.  I got it anyways, because she's my mom and deserves it!

Other than that, we came home and had lunch and now I am doing laundry (washing sheets) and cleaning house.  We seem to have a pattern that on the days I work, nothing gets picked up or put away or thrown out.  Then, on Thursday, crap is everywhere and the house needs a thorough scrubbing.  I would say I am 50% done. 

Sleigh Ride is on (the instrumental classic version) - this is truly one of my favorites!  Quite possibly THE favorite Christmas tune -

One week until Christmas Eve!  Its so close!  The last Sunday of Advent is this weekend...crazy!  wasn't it just Thanksgiving?


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