Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

I love Christmas eve.  When I was little, my mom would force us to go rest or take a nap during the afternoon...I remember laying awake, too excited to nap, wondering what could be under the Christmas tree for me?! 

Of course, first came church, which was always so exciting in itself - when we lived in Fridley, I got to be in the Christmas pageant...I was also one of many angels, and we sat up on the altar almost the whole mass.  After church, we came home and Mom would start to get dinner ready...although, none of us were hungry...because either before dinner, or after dinner, or during, a loud knock would sound from the front door..and we would all scream and run to it, because it was Santa! 

In would come a big jolly Santa, with a loud and perfect "ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!"  We would all sit around and sing a carol or two with him, and then he would ask us questions and I remember them being very funny, and then he would hand us each a gift. The most magical part was when Dad would say, "let's watch them fly away!" and we would all go to the window (always facing away from the driveway you know) and Dad would say..."There he goes!  Did you see it!  His red nose! that was rudolph!" And we were always so mad because we missed it...and he would say, "you have to watch closer next year...they are really quick those reindeer!"

And then we would all get our appetites back, and run to the kitchen and eat cookies and whatever Mom hadn't put away yet (lovely things like chicken drummies, or a meatball, or a few chips and dip)...and then we all would exchange gifts. 

I am so excited for tonight.  I love giving people presents, and this year I made some very special ones. 

Merry Christmas! 

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