Friday, December 4, 2009

Even 31 year olds can still have fun...

This is the first year ever where I have felt like the number I was turning - 31 - is old.  It just feels old.  "How old are you?  Oh, 31...".  Maybe it's because 30 was so close to 29 it felt younger?  Who knows. 

It was a great day...despite having to work this morning, I got my hair cut and styled, had taco bell for lunch, Red Lobster for dinner, coffee, and went to the Wild Game.  Nathan is safe and secure at Grandma's and spending the night there, so all is well.  Christopher and Nathan got me a Wild Jersey (I love the new green ones) so I wore that tonight and it rules! 

I finally did manage to get a decent picture of Nathan, and to find some others that worked after I "cropped" all of the other people out of them, so Christmas cards will be started tomorrow.   I thought I only needed like 30 of them, but after I counted how many I sent out last year, I had to order 50!  Good thing Target has reasonable prices on things. 

Well, time for bed now..this is very late for me (after 11PM!)

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  1. Happy belated birthday. We made it through the birthday weekend with 2 parties plus the birthday itself and all three of us with major head colds. And managed to order a little wallpaper, but lots left to go. Your birthday night sounded like fun.