Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ice Fishing and Downtown Fun

Yesterday I went ice fishing.

It sounds awful...doesn't it?  Sitting out on a frozen lake, all bundled up, fishing?  But it's so fun!  You can actually see the fish in the water take your bait...or nibble on your hook...and Bam!  You got him!

Yesterday my dad, kevin and I went, and Kevin also put out three tip-ups (to catch toothies or bass).  It was so exciting to watch for the flags on the tip-ups to fly up - when you saw one, you yelled "flag!  flag!" and you run out of the fishhouse as fast as you can and throw off your gloves and hand reel in the fish -  its frickin' cold!  I reeled in a bass!  It was huge, and it scared me...when it flopped out of the water I reverted to my girly instincts and screamed and ran back into the house giggling.  I don't know was big and slimey and my hands were cold and for some reason I found it all hilarious. 

Nathan's cut by his eyebrow is healing nicely...and we had a good safe day yesterday.   :-) 

Chris' brother and family have a flight out of New Mexico tomorrow morning, expected to land here in Minneapolis 11AM.  We will have to see if they make it...if they don't, I know Chris' parents will be pretty upset.  They have twins, so its not like they are going to sit in an airport trying to wait for another flight for days.  It seems odd to me to fly on the 24th anywhere, but maybe it was out of necessity. 

Today I am taking my mom downtown to lunch:  M&S Grille, one of my favorite places.  It just happens to be in the building I work in (my work moved a year ago). 

Today a special prayer goes out to all of those suffering through difficult times.  I see the stories on the news...heart-wrenching stories...and it just has to be such a hard time of year to be going through such worry, anxiety, and loss. 

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