Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it bad I am ready for bed by 7 PM?

We all have the lovely cold Nathan gave us, which he got from daycare.  This one is all about congestion: you can't breathe at night, you can't breathe through your nose, you cough because your throat is either clogged or suddenly too dry, and of course somehow your nose is still running!  Which, how can it be, its totally clogged! 

So, yes, I was a bad parent tonight.   Chris is out again tonight (we were both out last night), and I was tired after dinner.  So tired.  And Nathan wanted to play cars/crash! and Trucks!  and Color!  And beads!  And I wanted to take a bath.

So I did.

I got him a graham cracker, turned on the movie Cars, left the bathroom door open, and soaked in the whirlpool for 30 minutes.  Heaven!

Although, getting out of the tub on a chilly winter night, sucks.  I kept sitting there waiting for the right moment...go now!!  maybe it will be!  Finally, I was like, let's just get it over with. 

And now i have been bumming in front of my computer...when I should be wrapping presents and setting the house to rights.   But I am tired.  and its cold.  and my nose is running. 

so I can just lay here...right?

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