Monday, December 14, 2009

Julie and Julia...and other musings...

I liked that movie...but a line or two in there reminded me that blogging is rather egocentric, unless you have a purpose, and that if you get hooked on blogging, its probably not a good thing.  Although, too much of anything is bad.

Everything in moderation!  (except for butter.   and bacon.    and cheese.)

I remember once a boy told me, or told my friend, I was "spiraling toward mediocrity".  It was his waying of saying he no longer thought well of me.  I haven't thought of him or that comment in years, but I think when I do something that the "masses" do, I feel like that.  That I am, "spiraling towards mediocrity" and soon will become one of the mindless lemmings roaming the street. 

No!  I won't have it!  (Quick!  Turn on a re-run of Andy Griffith!  Anything not mainstream!)

We have finished our first, albeit smaller, tin of Christmas cookies.  Its 10 days before Christmas, and I feel like I have already gained a pound or two, despite the running Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  On Friday I did an 11 minute mile and almost puked...did I really run a 10 minute mile back in February?  Oh how it seems so long ago.  I just want to get to my goal of a 5K in 30 minutes, but I know that isn't going to happen unless I sign up for a race...because, why run a 5K anyways?  Boring.

Nathan says "ut oh Dada" - which means, "my tv show is over.  please turn on another one."

Gotta go!

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  1. That takes me back. I have found that I enjoy mediocrity. Mediocrity makes me happy. Or happiness makes me mediocre because I am content with what I have and am. Either way, so what.