Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well, I guess it IS the perfect day for pinkeye!

Yesterday morning Nathan woke up with very crusty eyelashes...he couldn't hardly open his right eye.  I said to Chris, "I think he has pinkeye!"  Chris thought I was overreacting.  But, daycare calls a few hours later, a trip to the doctor (which was worthless since they neither confirm nor deny it) and eyedrops and his eyes look better already this AM.  Last night green goo was coming out of them still, but nothing this AM.  He is so hard though to get eyedrops in!  We practically have to pry his eyes open!  Dang kid. 

I am glad he is better though...and even happier that the commute looks horrid this morning (last night it took an hour and a half on the bus) and I get to stay home in my pj's.  Hopefully Chris and I won't get it...I keep washiing my hands and Nathan's, and reminding myself not to touch my eyes!

Since I am home though, I may take advantage of the fact I have to take Roary in to the vet for his follow-up appointment.  I am happy to report there have been no peeing incidents since we started him on the meds.  On top of that, Chris and his dad one night last week blocked off the laundry room.  I couldn't believe they finished it in one night, but the next thing I know, the door was up and the cats now go in there at night.  Its nice because if they get sick or have another accident, it won't be on the carpet or couches.  I don't think they like it yet though.  :-)  Gigi was quite upset when her secret escape/passageway got cut off.  She has been hissing at Chris since. 

Have you got all of your Christmas shopping done yet?  I am doing a bunch more of the little things on Saturday...using my Target 10%, doing my once a month food stock-up, plus, getting stuff for Christmas dinner, stocking stuffers, and a few other secret items.  Muhahahahahahahahah! 

I mailed off my Christmas cards to those living in different countries, but haven't done any of the domestics yet.  I haven't received any this year either. Maybe people aren't doing cards?  Kind of sad if not...

Merry Christmas!

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