Sunday, December 13, 2009

Worrywart: Exposed

On Friday night I freaked out.  I don't know why.  It just happens sometimes.  I read something, or hear something, and take it to the extreme. 

Nathan wouldn't tell me which t.v. show he wanted to watch.  I read that to get your child to learn more words, you need to ask them questions other than yes or no ones.  So, I said, do you want to watch Max or Mickey?  All that kept coming out of his mouth was "boingboing".  What the heck is that?!  I started to worry. 

Of course, online, there are all these parents with 2 year olds that can say like 150 words and talk in complete sentences.   What the heck does that mean anyways?  Do they say things like "Mommy, I would like a drink of orange juice please."  Or do they say, "Mama, mo juz pease?" like Nathan does?  and 150 words?  Holy moly.  I panicked and wrote down all the words Nathan commonly says...not the ones I have heard him say once or twice, and with Chris' help, got to around 60 or so.  I felt better then, because our doctor said so long as he saying like 30-40 and using two word phrases "let's go" he is fine.  But its just that there are so many other kids that seem to talk so much better than he does around his age so I cannot help but worry.  That means I am a good parent, right? 

On another note, I finally finished my table toppers this morning! They  kind of look busy in the picture, but they really aren't.  Yes, those are Nathan's feet!

Nathan and I went sledding on Friday over to Grandma's.  He was his usual little energetic self, and I needed to expend some of that.   No one was over at Grandma's so we let out the dog and down the hill we went.  He thought it was great fun the first time.  But, then he had to walk up the hill.  He didn't like that:

I laughed when he fell down.  Too funny not to!  He enjoyed the shovel for about two minutes:

Apparently it really wore him out though, not only did he not say a word on the way  home, he didn't take a drink of juice or move a muscle.  I forgot how exhausting it is to walk in snow when you are little:


  1. Boing boing is "Gerald McBoing Boing". A boy that makes sound effects instead of speaking.

  2. We watch him sometimes. I googled him just now, and he is apparently an old cartoon figure, originally from 1950 and Mr Magoo. The modern version is on Cartoon Network.

    Nathan seems just fine. All kids develop at different rates, and often boys are linguistic late bloomers. Language development kind of goes in spurts, in my experience, where there will be periods where new words pop up left and right, and other periods where it kind of stagnates. If he can express himself and make his needs known, he is doing ok. Stop being a worry wort now.