Friday, December 18, 2009

Worst Christmas Songs Ever

There are a few songs I hear on the two local stations that play Christmas music that drive me crazy...I don't even know if you can call some of these songs "Christmas" songs anyways, but here is my top ten worst list (the first four I heard last night all at the same time too).

1.  Feliz Navidad  (turn channel immediately on this one...)

2.  Jingle Bell Rock (why do they play this song?  its so the real jingle bells, please!  I mean, the lyrics are "jingle bell time is a swell time"...who wrote this?   as Nathan would say, YUCK!)

3.  Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (who does this?  no one.  I mean, in our house, you can't even get around the Christmas tree let alone dance around it...  another channel turner...)

4.  Christmas Shoes (Granted, the first time I heard this, I thought it was touching, but now this song makes me want to vomit.  seriously.  if i hear it one more time, I may...)

5.  A Wonderful Christmas Time (I think some Beatle sings this, but its just horrid.  When this song comes on I immediately call my sister hoping to get her voicemail - its a little game we play where we like to leave horrible Christmas song voicemails to each makes songs like these somewhat bearable!)

6.  Last Christmas (Seriously, someone actually wrote and sung this horrifically sappy song.  I wouldn't go out with this person either ...especially after hearing this song!)

7.  Do they know its Christmas?  (Why do a bunch of drugged-up rich pop stars think they can tell the rest of the world they shouldn't enjoy Christmas because there are starving kids in Africa?  I am pretty sure most middle class families, especially Christian ones, give more as a % of income to the poor world-wide than the bums who sing this song do!)

8.  Happy Christmas/War is over (This song reaks of political agenda. I think its another Beatle or something.  But I find it disgusting that he is singing freely about Christmas yet forgets that sometimes war is a necessarily evil to ensure that freedom.  Heck, even the Obama himself said that the other day).

9.  Same Old Lang Syne (It took me forever to figure out the title of this song, but its the one that goes, "met my old lover at the grocery store...."  Seriously, this is a holiday song?  Need I say more?)

10.  All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth (true, while this song is a "classic", its just stupid - I would rather hear Grandma Got Runover by a least that is funny!)


  1. Amazing that your ultra-conservativism even extends to Christmas songs. Though I don't know why that should surprise me. 2,3, and 8 are some of my favorites. And that probably doesn't surprise you either.

  2. Ultra conservatism? Okay, so I am totally offended by your comment. I could say a billion other things here, but won't bother, not worth it.

  3. You might not want to listen to 102.9...they play these 10 often. I'm guilty of singing along. I pretty much love #1 and #5. And one of my students sent an email to 102.9 dedicating #4 to me just because when we listen to "holiday" music in study hall they like to turn this one up and sing it. Interesting thought of the day...

  4. Chris - I didn't used to hate #1 or #5, until they decided they were all time favorites on 102.9 and 107.9 and played them constantly! You can blame the radio station for that...incidentally, how can you play 102.9 in school right now? I heard some schools even banned candy canes this year!

  5. Banned candy canes? That is just asinine. There is hardly anything religious about candy canes. Maybe to keep the kids off a sugar high it would be good, but otherwise?

  6. Yeah, apparently it was some schools in the New England area. At Karen's school, they just outlawed all sweets and treats all-together because they say it makes "kids fat".

  7. We don't have rules on radio station listening...and so far no one has complained...where I teach, 99.9% celebrate Christmas, so not many complainers. As for the candy, we do have a wellness plan...but I just encourage them to eat in moderation...or at the end of the day on their way home :)