Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wet and Wild

Nathan came with me on Thursday to get Grandpa one of his favorite liquors - Gentlemen Jack. Of course when you bring kids into a liquor store they give them a Dum Dum sucker...this is Nathan's first! He only dropped it once on the seat (I took these pics while I sat in stop and go traffic on 694).

He loved it!
Below are pics of Nathan after we had breakfast with Grandpa today. He has such a good time with water and hoses....emptying and filling up buckets...keeps him busy! We came home and he took a nap while I made Zucchini bread. He didn't take a long nap, so when he woke up we played outside in the pool while Daddy and Uncle Kevin built a firepit and cut down three dead trees! Yae...two more things crossed off the "to do" list! :-) Too bad the chicken didn't cook tonight, oh well, we will have it tomorrow night....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Committed to Getting Things Done

Today I really wanted to make sure I got things done. So far I am doing well.

1. Called 3 places about broken PDA
2. Paid bills, sent off check for landscaping
3. Started laundry
4. Did kitty litter and cats
5. Visited Granpa Schwartz and picked dill, beans, and cucumbers
6. Cleaned up kitchen
7. Vacuumed a little downstairs
8. Had 45 minute conference call for work
9. Did a survey for the U.S. Postal service
10. Listened politely to yet another Wells Fargo telemarketer...won't they ever leave me alone?
11. Decided to give up on potty training for now...Nathan is no longer interested.

Whew! And its only 12:13! This afternoon I was hoping to go to Target to return some items, and print off a CD label for my Dad's birthday gift, but that may not happen...

Happy Birthday Dad! 67 Rules!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night Blues and two million dollars

Even when its a great weekend, I usually get the Sunday night blues...once dinner is finished, the week starts over again. *sigh*. I would like to say I am not "one of those people" that lives from weekend to weekend, but I really enjoy being home all together as a family during the day, and that only happens on weekends!

I heard that people can't seem to figure out our airport...there are two terminals, and people get "confused" so they are going to rename them Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Now, is it just me, or if people can't already figure out there are two terminals, how will labeling them be any help? I guess I wouldn't mind it if only cost like $100 to fix...but $2M? Surely that money could go to something educating our children so that they don't turn out to be idiots that can't read signs!

Here are some pictures of our landscaping:

This is a picture of our house before the landscaping.

Here's the after! There is my lilac tree...isn't he cute? I wasn't sure if I would like that little tree there at all but I love him now! I think I need to name him. Something very corny...Lester the Lilic? Yes...yes Lester it is. I hope Lester makes it. Trees don't seem to do very well for us!

Here is a close-up of the is mostly perennials here...Pot of Gold Rudbeikia, Echinicea, Shasta Daisy's, some junipers, and some ornamental grasses...

Here is a picture from far looks pretty different to me! I can hardly believe it wasn't there all along.
So, Monday is coming...another day, another dollar. I am looking forward to a good week!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Landscaping Entrapment And Bums

I didn't realize that today when they put the landscaping in, Nathan and I would be trapped in the house.

But, they need me to stay here so I can approve of the work before they go home tonight...*trapped*. I am really excited for it to be finished...its going to look amazing..maybe not right away as all the plants will be small..but eventually!

So, yesterday afternoon I had a dentist appointment. As I was backing my car out of the parking spot downtown, this man runs towards my car, flailing his arms and yelling...he didn't give me a creep factor, so I rolled down my window, thinking I hit something or dropped something...

Well, he sticks his head inside my car window and babbles quickly that his wife is in labor and his car broke down and he needs some money to get her to the hospital and she's just across the street there at the library and yadda yadda I was freaked out....

I had my wallet open and he was right there and I was nervous so I did what I never do..I threw some money at him....I think it was 5 1$ bills...I told him that's all I had and drove away.

All the way to the dentist I was upset...did his wife really go into labor and his car really broke down, or is he going to buy alcohol and drugs?! I looked for a pregnant woman in distress as i pulled away and i saw none. I think i have been had.

I should just pretend what i did really benefited this man. I picture him and his wife getting in a cab or on the bus, and making it to the hospital, and having the baby an hour later and both them holding their beautiful child and smiling.

I'll never know the truth....

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Tantrum

So, I just experienced what I now will forever remember as "The Tantrum". Hopefully, nothing similar will ever occur again, but I doubt it. I thought Nathan had tantrums before, but nothing compared to this.

Everything was fine, I picked him up from daycare, we drove home, and got out of the car. Then he sat on the cement in the garage and refused to get up and come in the house. So, I picked him up and put him on his feet, and he forcefully started to squirm and sat down. "I'll fix him", I thought, and I went inside, and shut the door and left him in the garage in the dark.

It took him a few minutes, but he eventually called "mama" so I came and got him, and I thought it was over. But as soon as I opened the door, he sat back down, defiant. So, I picked him up and brought him inside...then, all hell broke loose. He was mad and he was letting me know it. I left him in the entryway.

I took some video of it about 5 minutes in...he was laying in the entryway, rolling around, crying, and having a fit...again, I have no idea why....I thought it would end soon if I ignored it.

10 minutes go by....15 minutes...Nathan is still crying, and its taking effort. It was so fake. Then, he decides to go in the basement and cries. Another 10 minutes go by and I go down and ask him if he is finally done. He starts to cry again and starts gagging (I am sure the gagging was part of the manipulation, but it did scare me!). So, I pick him up and carry him upstairs and put h im to bed.

More crying...but not for long. I let him sit up there for about 10 minutes and then walk in and go, "do you want dinner?" He is back to my sweet little boy, he smiles and goes, "yes"...

All is well....

until next time....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Relaxing on a Sunday evening

Today was Chris' actual birthday, even though we had the party two weeks ago. It was a relaxing day with dinner over at his parents.

This morning, Nathan and I took Daddy out to breakfast at Denny's. Nathan's been going through a "I don't want to eat anything really except if its a cookie or cracker I will" phase. We weren't sure if he was going to eat, but I guess when you offer him french toast sticks with powdered sugar and syrup, he'll eat that. He also ate two sausages.

I have been thinking about this quote/line I heard from a *scary* show on PBS called something like "its a big big world". Its got these creepy jungle animals that indoctrinate children on the environment. Everytime it comes on its about "mother earth" or "saving a tree" or something bogus like global warming....usually I shut it off right away because Nathan doesn't like it anyways, but they were singing a song on there and one of the lines was:

"Nothing that I don't have is as good as what I've got."

It definately made me feel better, especially lately when I get the "I need more" blues. The song in my head goes something like this:

-Nathan's room is already not big enough (how is a bed going to ever fit in those small rooms?)
-The eating area is too crowded (not enough room for a table) with 6 chairs
-I have no space to entertain a large group at dinner (why didn't I put in a dining room?)
-The garage has no room for anything (why is all our space filled with unorganized clutter?)
-Where am I going to put all of the kids toys (I don't have a toy room or a basement basement)?
-Why are outside sheds so expensive?
-I need a new couch and sofa for the family room
-We are going to need a bigger car someday, where is that going to go (we can barely fit our cars now...)
-Why do the neighbors houses have to be so close to ours (why can't I have 5 acres?)

But, then I realize, "Nothing that I don't have is as good as what I've got"...and immediately feel better...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nathan's still napping, and I have my patio furniture

so....I guess there isn't much else to write about today! Its 73 degrees out, sunny, with a gentle breeze...

see ya....

Friday, July 10, 2009

The First Bloggy List

*sigh* So much housework to do today, and no desire to do it.

1. Vacuum up spilled Captain Crunch and raisins
2. Put away dishes and reload dishwasher
3. Fold clothes and put laundry away
4. Put more laundry in wash
5. Pick up toy before I bail again on another car, truck, or other such vehicle that has wheels
6. Take out diapers/trash before I can smell things
7. Clean up kitchen floor better from earlier applesauce spill
8. Go check basement to make sure cats have food, water, and do litter
9. Go spray sandbox for spiders and ants (which Karen said have apparently taken over...yuck!)

Nathan has been napping now for an hour and a half. Therefore, my free time is almost up, and what do I do? Take a bath, think for awhile, blog, check email.

Maybe this blog will actually shame me into going and being productive now. We'll see I guess...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh the patience of a farmer....

So, I wanted to share about my plants...

These are my hanging plants this year in my front yard. I am so proud of myself - I didn't let them dry out! One of my accomplishments this year has been watering my plants consistently.

The above is one of Nathan's dahlia's I bought at his school fundraiser. It came as a bulb, so it is doing very well!

This is some of the Peonies that were free at the home and garden show! Who would have thought I would have kept them alive all the way until now - turns out they were yellow, white and purple.

These are the plants under my deck, one I just purchased, pre-planted, but the second is a hosta that I rescued from where I originally planted it. I am naive and had no idea hostas were "deer candy"!
This is my perennial garden. I planted Lilacs back there to hopefully grow up and become a nice hedge to block the neighbors, and then this year I planted a bunch of sprawling ground cover perennials. I love the texture of the Lamb's Ears and the White Nettle...

Here's a close-up. The plant in the container is actually a small Maple tree my mom gave me...she is convinced it will grow really fast...but it looks pretty puny to me and I am not sure its going to make it! This is also where I planted that pumpkin plant...but it got cut off in this picture. The Creeping Jane's are nice too...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Roaryboy!

Here's Roar. I love him. He is a funny cat with a great personality. I just can't say enough good things about Roar. He comes by me when I am lonely, cheers me up when I am sad, and is one of my best friends.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

No catchy title here

The picture below is Nathan with his Great Uncle Peter watching Daddy in a two mile fun run. I thought it was so cute because Nathan just stood there and watched.

The family reunion was fun but it didn't feel like the 4th of July at fireworks or homemade ice cream! Nathan loved playing with all of the other kids...he had no idea what he was doing, but running back and forth between the walls at the Legion were great fun to him! (see video below if it actually loads! )

For the first time ever Nathan slept in a bed with me...he was so scared of where we were (in a cousins room) that he just couldn't get to sleep. By 11PM Friday night he was still awake so I gave up on holding his hand while he was in a pack and play and just let him lay beside me. That did the trick, he fell asleep quickly. Now tonight he is having a hard time going to sleep...I think he misses having Mommy and Daddy in the room right next to him!

I forgot to water my flowers. Whoops. Its 10PM and they will just have to go one more day without water. I am glad I took off tomorrow. I am too tired and unfocused to go back to work. *sigh*

I am going to start running again. There was a family "fun run" on Saturday morning and Chris and many others ran. While I was watching then I suddenly got the urge to run...I remember I started last night when I still had that horrible ear infection and it really made me feel better even though you don't feel the best when you do it. The only thing I need to do now is find the time to fit it in.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


Gigi was such a sweet girl tonight. I found her curled up on my pillow when I came upstairs. I definately need to take more pictures of seems like Nathan is constantly hogging the camera and I love my kitties so I don't want to think they are forgotten!

Another Thursday bites the dust

I am sad tonight. I am thinking about how for the first time ever in my life I will not be with my family for July 4th. For some reason, this is sadder to me than the first year I missed Thanksgiving with my family. My mom isn't even making her traditional (absolutely amazing) potato salad. She said there isn't a need to since I am not there to eat it. Sad.

I am also anxious about staying somewhere new with Nathan for two nights. This will be the first trip he has ever been on and place he has slept that is not familiar to him. Odd that he is 20 months and this hasn't happened yet...but its either been home, or one of the Grandmas. I am sure he will be fine once he is sleeping...its the awake time I guess I am more nervous about. At home we can let Nathan run around and play...we know where and what he can do and so does he. But, at someone else's house, with random stuff everywhere, and new things to climb and see and do? I will have to be vigilant...I don't want him getting stitches again anytime soon.

I bought these two old-fashioned scrapbooks so I could put all of our "cards" in them like my mom used to do. I do a separate scrapbook for Nathan of all his best pictures and momentos, but I thought this would be good for his cards. I did like 4 or 5 pages of his cards tonight and I don't like it. I am thinking of taking out the cards, and doing something in a shoebox, and putting partians in and sorting by year. That way, if he ever wants to look at his old cards, he can just pull them out and read them. I am thinking of doing that with Chris and my old cards too...they have some cute boxes at Michael's and JoAnne...I think I may totally switch gears on this one here and see how it goes....