Friday, August 28, 2009

Need I say more?

Easy As Pie

I made one of the best pies of my life today, which is funny, because I see one of my friends also recently had an excellent "pie" day.

Anyways, Melanie gave me a pie book and pie pans when we got married, so everytime I make a pie I think of her...anyways, this pie book has about 12 pages in the beginning of this woman talking about her pie experiences...and life experiences in general.

So, today I started stribbling in the book my mom's recipes...I always refer back to them anyways, starting with the book and then deciding 'not to do it that way'. So, I figure by the time I am done I should just scribble in my own's entry would read: "now i understand the phrase, Easy As Pie". Because, it really is easy,...slightly time consuming, but easy.

Today was hard, all day long I was doing stuff. Karen and I went on a two hour drive to check out a rental hall for a possible 40th Anniversary Party for Mom and Dad. The plans are still just starting to come together and we all have to agree as we are all paying for it...but I hope we at least do something and it comes together.

On another note, our neighbor is working on his deck. And every night, he works on his deck. And he is slow. And he is noisy. Everynight this week, screw screw, pound pound, saw saw. Annoying! I wish he would read this blog and then hurry up.

Christopher tells me the high tomorrow is going to be only in the 60's! Its going to be definately is the year without a summer. The low tonight is going to be 43. I knew there had to be a reason my nose and throat were acting up (my nose is a barometer...whenever there is a season change, it lets me know).

Nathan did sit on the potty chair three times today...not on his own, but when we asked him he did (so long as he got 2 M&M's). They use M&M's in the toddler room at daycare, so I thought I would be consistent. Maybe one of these times when he sits on the chair he will actually use it...but, somehow I doubt it. He still just doens't seem too interested.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Promotion

So, I got promoted this summer. Did I ever mention that? I was told it is really an "amazing" thing that I should be "proud of" to get promoted amidst layoffs.

I felt crummy. I didn't want it (at first).

But, then I thought about how hard I worked and still work, and how I deserved it, especially since they delayed it last year. In my mind I compared what I do to what others do, and it definately was deserved.

It is weird though, for the first time in my career in public accounting at Deloitte I have surpassed those whom started before me....its weird to think that the people that mentored you are now a level below you. How can that be? I dunno, its just weird, and feels wrong.

So, today, our raise letters came.

I expected it to be low, but with my promotion I anticipated a certain amount.

I was disappointed. My raise was extremely low for a promotion year. I feel as if this is another kick in the ass from Uncle D.

At the same time I wonder, am I being greedy? Shouldn't I have expected this (which I thought I did, but was obviously underprepared for it)? Shouldn't I be happy I have a job (nevermind the people who got laid off that I know got severance, their PTO paid out, and have a new job already making more than they did at Deloitte)?

When should I complain? And when should I be thankful? I was bitter for quite a while...but then Nathan was playing trucks with Daddy, and it all just faded away.

Maybe I do deserve more, but I am not willing to fight for it right now. Right now, I just want to be a Mom.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Unplugged and ugly...

So, I haven't written for a bit, that's because last week they took my work computer away from me in order to upgrade my lease, and my home computer broke. its dead. done. gone....

It started working again last night, and then croaked again. Fortunately, Chris got it going long enough for me to get a few things I hadn't already backed up...and a new computer is ordered and on its way, although it will be a few weeks. Until then, I have to remember to pay bills in my head (no Quicken), and I can't download pics to my computer...and i don't use my work computer for personal things like that...

Its odd not having a computer...on Saturday night, or maybe it was Friday, I dunno, I'm fried tonight, I was going to go on my computer, but realized, I couldn't. So, I went to use Christopher's but the internet was done. So, I opted to work on my wall hanging, which, I am proud to report, is almost completed. I just have to add two buttons, and write my name on the back. Maybe I should get off the computer more often...

I am also sad to report I was not a very nice person tonight. The worst part of me comes out when I am tired and stressed, and it came out, and it was ugly. I wish I could take it all back, but now, now I just feel disappointed in myself. Its just that tonight and this afternoon was just one failure or disappointment after another....each one small and insignficant...buildiing on each other until in my mind all I could hear and think of was: YOU SUCK.

ever have days like that? I think others are better at handling it than I am...

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Archnemesis

There he is.


I despise him.

He is mean, he is unkind, he is rude.

Christopher says he doesn't understand what my problem is...he has shown me numerous times "how to work the ketchup bottle"...but for some reason, no matter how hard I try, each time this bottle manages to ketchup all over me and my plate, rather than my food. Just look at it! Ketchup still all over the top from the last time...I am totally through with this! As Garfield would say, "Whoever designed that bottle should be drug out into the street and shot..."

On another note, on Tuesday morning I was up at 6:30 and chopping beans before 7AM. As I sat on the sitting room couch with a cup of coffee and a scissors in my hand, the kitties chased after the ends of the beans that flew out of my bowl...

Here is Roary as he batted a bean end under the couch.

Oh, that same day, I chopped up a bag of apples and made a pie. Before noon, I had frozen 5 bags of beans, made an apple pie, and done 3 loads of laundry, and cleaned most of the house. It would be an easy life being a homemaker without kids. I understand why women want to "work", but really, being a housewife has to be one of the best jobs ever! Especially when the kids aren't underfoot...

"I am a lone reed"...

Yes, I am watching one of the all-time classic movies: You've Got Mail

This movie has such great quotes..."Sometimes I wonder about my life...I lead a small life, valuable but small, and sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it? Or because I haven't been brave?...I don't really want an answer...I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void..."

On Thursday we went to the Stockyard Days Parade in New's Mom and Nathan sharing some fries....I just realized that Nathan reminds me of Stormy. When there is food around, he sits still, puts on his "cute" face, and is an angel.

Here come the firetrucks! Nathan was in his glory...

Group pic! Anna and Nathan were chowing on the few pieces of candy the big kids didn't steal from us...

Cute hats for cute kids!! Seeing Nathan in this picture makes me want to go and give him a huge hug and snuggle with him in his bed...

So, this very strange man dressed in a very strange costume came up to me (all after Karen yelled, "Who the hell are you supposed to be?!") and said, "Only beautiful girls get carrots" or something or another and handed me this big carrot. I said, "are you serious?" And he goes, "its just a carrot." It creeped me out. I chucked it.

Ants view.

We were supposed to head out to the beach today to take Nathan swimming, but it rained pretty much all day. Nathan was such a crank at 9AM and totally had ants in his pants, so we decided to try Eagle's Nest out in New Brighton. At first he was so scared of the ball pit..but at the end he refused to get out of it, and cried "balls! balls! Balls!" as we walked out of the play area.

He screamed with delight everytime he got the ball in the was contagious! I found myself just laughing and laughing...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Life ain't always beautiful..."

To quote Gary Allan,

"Life ain't always beautiful..."

Sometimes its just plain hard...

You think you're on your way...
And it's just a dead end road at the end of the day

But the struggle makes you stronger
And the changes make you wise

Life ain't always beautiful....But it's a beautiful ride...."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A week of firsts...

Daddy went to get Nathan out of bed on Friday morning...I was in the shower and heard a lot of pounding on the wall...I said, "Christopher! Nathan is really pounding on the wall! go get him..." The next thing I know Chris walks into the bathroom and smiles and says, "I didn't need to get him up...he was already out of the bed!" The above picture is Daddy trying to "recreate the scene of the escape". If he does it again soon, we'll have to convert the far I am convinced it was a fluke...

Before our friends came over on Friday night, Daddy taught Nathan how to drink out of the hose...another first!

Nathan enjoyed sitting next to Chris and Anna...Chris was more than willing to keep supplying Nathan with fruit and crackers (which, unfortunately, was his supper mostly that night!)

Here's the crew...Anna was so good the entire night...she only started crying a bunch when Christopher was holding her and she was soooo tired....

Brian and Nathan had the best time...Nathan was so upset when he had to leave and go to bed. Of course, he fell asleep right away though...completely exhausted by all of the fun and "high-fiving" and playing with cars Brian was doing...

Nathan had another "first" the next day...he got to meet Thomas the Train! This is a picture of Nathan and Daddy playing with a model Thomas train set before the ride...

Auntie Karen came with...Nathan is seen here shoving his face full of Vanilla Wafer...Karen and I both enjoyed getting Thomas did Nathan. He was so funny when he woke up this morning and saw the fake tattoo on my leg..and then he went and pulled his pants up to show me his tattoo.

This is Nathan and I running through this fun noodle maze thing. Nathan loved it! (until he fell down one time....see next pic...)

Here is Nathan post fun-noodle and post wall on Saturday night. We aren't sure how he managed to wipe out against the wall at home...he wasn't running or even walking...he just slipped and bam!