Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to work...

I just finished grading my papers for a graduate course I assist with, but in finishing that, comes a sense of dread.  It means that the Christmas vacation season is officially over, tomorrow I go back to work, with long days and nights starting soon until April. 

Every year I think I won't be as busy as the last, or maybe, as out of control at times (although I manage my schedule much better than others, not once have I stayed until midnight or overnight).  But, this year, I am unsure.  One of my partners (bosses) is phasing himself out, which will be aggrevating training the new partners (bosses) on everything, and then just last week one of my staff people on my biggest project quit. 

Anyways, its January folks, its chilly, and I will miss spending these days with  my family and stuff.  I finally played Settlers - Chris taught Karen, Kevin and I on New Year's Eve - it was by far one of the most fun Eve's I have had in years...usually I find that holiday rather boring unless you are drinking and are bouncing off the walls, which, I guess maybe I have only done once, and then ringing in the new year is really fun! 

We are starting to lay down the law with Nathan, he has gotten slightly out of control post-Christmases, he is very bossy and has been sassing a lot and telling us "no" when we tell or ask him to do things.  I think its been a hard couple of days for him, but I am starting to slowly see some improvement.  Yesterday he was so upset because of something so silly I told him to go upstairs and lie down...a few minutes later I go to check on him and there he was, lying in his bed quietly.  A miracle!  He was much better after that.  Needless to say, he has been getting a lot of tough love and more spankings and time outs.  It doesn't feel good to get mad at him, but his behavior has to improve - and especially here at home, where it is the worst. 

Well, its Sunday, so I am off to pack things up for tomorrow and get the house organized and cleaned.  I think I will whip up a pot of chile for dinner since its so cold with the fresh chile powder Matthew and Fran gave me from New Mexico - its so much better from down there!


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