Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Biggest Loser

I am not obese. 

I am not overweight. 

I am in relatively good shape. 

Before I was pregnant with Nathan, I was overweight.  For me, that was at the highest, 164.  In college, I weighed around 130.  I always got mad at the scale, but never really did anything about it.  I just got mad after I got off it, and I would cut out a cookie here and then, but never did I truly adjust my diet nor exercise daily.  I looked at myself and I didn't look fat.  That must be how it starts for some people. 

Now I look at pictures from 2006 and think:  I was overweight!  Why didn't I do something about it sooner? 

So, now I am in decent shape.  Granted, I can't jog as fast as I would like, and I still haven't made it to a 30 minute 5K...but, I can do an 11 minute mile no problem, can bike for miles with a 35 pound anchor attached (Nathan), and wear size 8 pants and jeans again!  My normal weight currently hovers between 146-148, which,  is 18 pounds off my high (or would you say that's a low?) of 164!

So, when I watch The Biggest Loser, I eat.  I usually eat dinner, but then, for some reason, that show makes me eat chocolate. 

or cookies. 

or candy. 

or whatever I can scrape up that is delicioius. 

That is probably the opposite of what the show intends, but I know I will never be 164 again (unless I am pregnant).  I don't like the way that feels, or looks, or how it could impact my health (and my fear of things like diabetes).

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